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  1. maple leaf* thankyou for your advice guges :)
  2. thankyou for your feedback Guges. So Just change the rubber and nub for Maple lead, and no R-hop but a normal precision barrel will do just fine.
  3. Hi Everyone I am searching for as many information, ideas , tips as possible for my upcoming project. I have an A&K SR-25 and I am waiting for the release of the Wolverine Reaper coming around april. at the moment I am choosing between * Prometheus R-hop barrel 509MM / MODIFY Precision Inner barrel. * Mad bull Red bucking ( any other ideas?) * SR-25 Nozzle * Hop-Up unit??? This is where my question comes. anyone has expierence with different hop-ups for the sr-25? do hop-ups like Prowin etc fit in the SR-25? Other then this I am still looking / reading around. So if any of you guys have some ideas or tips I would love to hear it Update: Read that the Lonex hop-up does the job well for the SR-25. any expierence with this?
  4. Hi everyone my name is joey I am 22 years old and play airsoft for around 3 years now. I am planning to make a new project and I am hoping I can get some answers, ideas and tips on this forum to help me along the way :)
  5. Hi all! my name is joey (: I am 22 years and playing airsoft for around 3 years now. I am planning a new project and I am hoping I can find some ideas, answers and tips on this forum (:
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