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  1. I have one of his SSG24's. (In my little profile pict here) I love it. I prefer shooting .46's at 380fps for that laser-beam precision. It really is fantastic. I recently played a big game with 130 total players, and I plunked a dozen or so kids with it. I also strapped a Tavor to me so the hotter engagments, but it's lightweight, easy to pull, the hop up is easy to adjust, and crisp to fire. I recommend a higher quality scope, because mine isn't very good. It doesn't adjust well, but I know the sweet-spot of the crosshairs, and had some nice confirmed hits at 250ft+ I highly recommend the SSG24 if you have the money for it. If you don't, save up, and then purchase it. You won't be sorry.
  2. Yergo, I've had a great experience with CYMA. I have their CM048, and its my DMR. It is incredibly durable, easy to use, and delivers a decent hit for outdoors play. I personally purchased the VPower custom by AirsoftMegastore here: http://m.airsoftmegastore.com/10139-440-fps-ak74-cm048-airsoft-aeg-rifle-real-wood-cyma-cm048-vpower.aspx I'd recommend shooting .25 or .28 BBs because of the high velocity. This will help with accuracy in combination with the hop up. (The heavier the BB, generally speaking and assuming theirs little to no wind, the smaller the grouping at longer ranged, but with reduced FPS) A bit of warning, with any CYMA, when getting new mags, only buy CYMA brand mags. I've had lots of trouble with Matrix (Evikes brand) and Echo1 AK mags. Good luck and welcome to the sport!
  3. I'll probably look into a GBBR in this case. I don't have a ton of Time to reply and ask more questions, but I will later tonight. Can an admin move this thread to the'What gun should I get' sub forum? Sorry for the mispost
  4. I'm looking for an M4 variant that has the following features... - quick change spring - electric blow back - functioning bolt release - forward assist/spring tension release I own a Tavor-21 that has all these, but my 1st m4 (also my 1st Airsoft rifle) was recently introduced to the grave. The proprietary parts are expensive as all heck, so I figured I'd look for a new rifle, but I can't find what I'm looking for. The closest I found was an APS rifle on Evike, but it didn't have very good reviews, and I stopped trusting Evikes quality recently. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! - Jake
  5. Semi-Final Update: All is fixed and working well! Remember how I said I shimmed properly? I lied. I royally messed up the shimming, but I have since had that fixed, and everything has been fixed. I really like this Gearbox. It's so easy to close and work on. I don't know if it's the spring-change system, but it was easy upgrading and testing. I'm participating in a local huge game event this Sunday. Over 100 people are suppose to show, so I'll be sure to follow up on how everything went in regards to how my rifle functioned and performed. Thank you to Guges and Hangtight. I appreciate the prompt communication!
  6. Hey! Another update... Fixed the gears. I have tightened the motor too much and the pinion gear was too far forward and got caught. However... yet another problem... Now, the tappet plate/air nozzle won't move forward. It gets stuck in the backwards position. I'm thinking there's an issue with it getting caught between shims or something? I'm still taking it apart as I type this to figure out what else I messed up. - Jake
  7. Update: So, I took out those I-rings in the airnozzle and did that the trick! A new problem now... The motor has locked up, and my wires/battery are hot to the touch. I put in everything exactly as I left it, but I don't know what I did wrong. I read that there could be a short in my wires, or there's something wrong with the motor. This isn't good..
  8. Hey, Guges Mk3! Thank you VERY much for your quick reply to my post. I really appreciate your input and your advice. I chose the Matrix parts based off the reviews of the product. I'm learning now that Evike might not post every review, as I'm still going back and forth with their service about the reviews I made on other products, prior to this forum post. I'll do what I can with the o-ring, and I'll check out the gears. One last noob question, what does CNC mean? I googled it, and ironically, I got a bunch of Matrix (Evike) CNC gears, but no definition. Thank you again very much for your help. - Jake
  9. Hello! I am in the process of upgrading my Elite Force/Umarex Tavor-21 Elite. Overall, I love the rifle. I like the feel, the weight, and how reliable it is. I am posting because I have some questions regarding upgrading and the gears that I can't find answers for. When I first disassembled my gearbox, all of the gears looks like the teeth had been scrapped and shaved. They worked fine, but they definitely saw some wear after only two games. I thought re-shimming would do the trick, so I began to shim, and it helped a lot with the sound! I recently ordered some other upgrade parts to help with the air compression in the cylinder, as the stock part was an all-in-one cylinder+cylinder head, a terrible air nozzle without a o-ring, and a piston that whiffed through through the cylinder without any resistance. I cracked it open again after fielding it for the 3rd time, and the gears still seemed to take some wear and tear. (I'm currently running an M120 irregular spring, different from the M110 regular) I want to make sure my Tavor handles 450-500 fps, as I'm building my own field with a collection of friends, and (we like the battle scars) we prefer to play at higher fps's. My question is, what type of high-torque gears that are regular spurs and not helical, would you recommend? I'm looking into the High Torque/High Speed Lonex short-type motor, but all the gears I'm looking for that have 4-star+ ratings are helical, and I don't want to go cheap on the gears. I'm not interested in the HElical gears, as that means I've have to get a new piston and spend more time shimming, and I've already shimmed the stock gears to the best of my ability. I just installed some new parts, and would hate to have to order different parts just to fit new gears. Below are the upgrades I've already made. Note: These parts have totally satisfied me, and have improved the air compression and accuracy of my rifle. I'm running a 7.4 lipo, but the ROF is WAY down, and when checking the parts after test firing, the wires were considerably warm. Angel Custom "Aegis" High Performance Polycarbonate AEG Piston with Steel Teeth (Model: AC-PT-AEG02) Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup Bucking Spacer for Airsoft AEGs (Model: BU-Baton-R) Lonex 6.03mm Steel Tight Bore Precision Barrel for AEG (Length: 509mm) (Model: BRL-LX-GB-03-10) Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle For M4 M16 PKM Airsoft AEG Series (Model: Noz-Alum-M4) AIM / Guarder Polycarbonate Ventilation Piston Head For Airsoft AEG Guns (Model: PH-GE-04-03) ASG Lonex AEG Gearbox CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head - Ver. 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5) (Model: CH-ASG-16603) Angel Custom CNC Advanced Stainless Ribbed Airsoft AEG Cylinder - Full Length (Model: AC-CYD-R05) The other thing is, with the new Air Nozzle, it's got a REALLY tight fit, even with a bit of lubricant. So much that I'm worried it's going to put added stress on the tappet plate/gears. Is this common? I'm positive I have the right size and style, but it appears that the O-ring on the inside of the air nozzle is the culprit of the friction. Can anyone give me advice or point me in the right direction? I've tried searching this forum and others, but I can't find the proper answers I'm looking for. Thank you for viewing, and I'd really appreciate a comment, even if it's a 'Hey jerk, you should have checked here: <link>". I'm looking to make my rifle perfect, so any help is wonderful. Thanks, - Jake "Napoliane"
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