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  1. Yes it is, isn't that obscene? I'm more interested on the performance and technology used tough, they say it's from the RC world of motors...
  2. Hello again, I was scrolling trough this website and stumbled upon this motor: https://www.begadi.com/novatech-xpert-gp350-brushless-motor.html I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this technology and would like to hear some experienced tech's give some feedback or thoughts. Thank you, Have a nice day!
  3. Amazing info guys! Learned alot of things about motors and batteries, thank you. I guess teching is all about the learning process...
  4. Forgot to mention, running a Gate NanoASR FET, so arcing shouldn't be an issue, right?
  5. Thanks for shining more light on the subject, if I think about it, overspin may not be that bad to the whole system, right? Only putting stress in between semi shots on the anti reversal latch spring and on the gears, piston.
  6. Thank you for the information, Hangtight, however, I am more interested in methods including modification of cutoff lever, trigger contacts, or the sector gear nub that engages the cutoff lever. I simply lack any experience in these "not so known" methods.
  7. Hello, SHS High Torque SHS piston assembly that weighs 19 grams and has been SS'd two teeth SHS 18:1 gears, also SS'd two teeth SHS M130 11.1V 15/25C 1200mAh Li-Po The problem: on semi the setup overspins about a half a piston stroke, very rarely does a two round burst, I am going to upgrade the motor to a Lonex A2 and I would like to hear some of the suggestions how to get rid of the overspin NOT by shortstroking, but any other methods, example, messing with cutoff timings, trigger troleys etc. Any given feedback will be greatly appreciated! Have a nice day!
  8. That's what I was thinking, Shimming is good, when GB is screwed together gears spin freely without wobble. Motor is pulling SHS M130. Also, when I popped off the endbell and inspected the armature, there was some blue play-doh like substance molded on the windings on each end. What even is that?
  9. Hi, Recently got a SHS High Torque (short type) motor for my V3. When I ran it with a 11.1 1200mAh (15-25C) under no load, it got pretty warm. When I put it in my V3 and did some longer and shorter bursts, and semi firing it got rather hot, not hot-hot , but hot, like, really warm. Is that normal for SHS HT? BTW it's the model with the SHS logo branding, not the one with the wolf picture on it (if it helps). I heard some good things about them and some bad things about them, so I would aprecciate any input. Forgot to mention - Gate NanoASR, 16AWG silicon, deans, dual-signal wire. Thanks
  10. I really enjoy learning aswell, I like to face challenges and overcome them. My latest buid was a really, really basic GB upgrade - stock CYMA reinforced gearbox with an M120, Energy PolyCarbo 7 teeth psiton, Military Action piston head with 6 holes, an E&L Gen.2 AK one-piece cylinder and head assembly, some off-brand Nozzle with O-Ring, of course AOE was corrected. The build came out rather disapointing as I ironically ran out of proper shims (the gears are so-so shimmed), the build has a terrible trigger response, there are not even deans and a MOSFET
  11. I mainly want to achieve consistency, reliability, crispy trigger response (as I am mostly firing semi), really do not care much about RPS (20rps is fine) Also, would I encounter any PME, I suppose not, but just in case...
  12. Base gun is a CYMA 040 (basically an Beta Project AK)
  13. Thank you so much for the feedback, hopefully, when I get the parts everything will go fine.
  14. Thanks, I have had quite an expierience with V3's - stripped two gearsets, butchered a motor, broken a gearbox shell, broken a cylinder head etc. I feel very confidient of making this build happen, but I have never radiused a GB, whats the best way to approach it?
  15. Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated!
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