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  1. Hell, Mitch614 here Ive been recently really looking at some bolt action rifles. Ive always loved them, fired a couple real ones and since Im not able to enjoy a real rifle. I want a airsoft rifle to play around with, have little games at a friends field and such. not my first airsoft, ive owned numerous pistols a m4 and a couple shotguns, by no means high quality, basically sport good store stuff. They'd last a good couple years but I want something with a good aftermarket bases. Im looking to spend 125-150 from evike or airsoftmegastore since they have a 25% off right now. so far, this is what ive been looking at-- Matrix vsr-10 mb03 by well JG vsr10 bar 10 ASG mcmillan m40a3 AGM m700 JG m700 I listed some of the less expensive ones so I could also purchase some upgrades too like a inner barrel and what not. Since im not planning to play in a game I also liked the self ejecting shell of the APS m50 but havent seen any reviews on it. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to give them. Thank you,
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