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  1. Yes here is a slot in the hop up that should fit the nozzle, but it looks like it doesn't fit. Does this mean I need to get a new hop up and nozzle?
  2. No I don't think so, because then the nozzle wouldn't fit over the feeding thing.
  3. Here are some pictures that might help. I had to lower the quality of them so I could upload but the fist one is the notch in the hop up. If you look closely at the bottom right corner you can see it. This is the gearbox where it is hitting it. This is what I think it is doing inside the gun. And this is what I was talking about the nozzle not fitting in the hop up.
  4. Yes that is the hop up I have, and the spring is there. The springs not the issue I don't think.
  5. No, I only have one nozzle but I'm going to a field tomorrow and should be able to get one. I've heard that sometimes "M4" nozzles don't fit a M4 depending on the manufacturer. Is there one you recommend getting? Also when I was messing with the hop up I put an oring around the inner barrel to act in place of the spring and that didn't help. But I noticed a small notch in the hop up unit. After looking a bit closer I figured out the notch fits perfectly with the edge of the gearbox that goes around the nozzle. It's as like the hop up unit gets pushed up and doesn't hit the gearbox like it should. Also it looks like the nozzle is too big and doesnt fit inside the hop up unit like it should. Which is weird because both the nozzle and hop up unit are stock. I will try to provide some pictures later so this makes more sense.
  6. I just did the paper test and it went flying. You mentioned the hop up missing the spring so it isn't pressed up, but the spring is there. What do you think is likely the issue and how can I solve it?
  7. Well the plan is to turn it into a DMR so it can only shoot semi. And it was a long time ago when I got the spring, it's possible that it is a M130 or something lower. I think my goal was going for around 450, but I honestly don't remember what I bought. Anyways, if I checked the compression, cleaned the barrel, had the hop up off, had a fully charged battery, and made sure I bought a motor that could pull back the spring, what could be the issue? I just shunned it and adjusts to motor hight too. If it's air seal I have no idea where it's leaking from. And I don't really know what else it could be.
  8. I cleaned the barrel right before the chrono. And do you mean move freely in and out? (Btw while I had the gun open I did some shimming, and I made sure the hop up was off when I did the chrono)
  9. I just had the gun apart to instal the new cylinder, so I know the gearbox isn't smashed off. And I'm pretty new to teching, but I don't think it's in backwards. There's no port in it, so I guess I'm not sure how to tell. And I play in the US. Why would a M140 make you think I don't?
  10. When I first got my KWA CQBR mod 1, it was shooting around 350 fps. I recently put the following upgrades in my gun trying to get better fps, range and accuracy. A m140 spring, a high torque motor, a new piston and piston head, and an angel custom 6.01 inner barrel. After installation my fps was about 230. So then I installed a type 0 cylinder and just because I was crunched for time I put in the old weaker spring. Now my chrono reads about 18 fps. The bb is literally rolling out of the barrel with a fully charged battery. Before I installed the cylinder I checked the air seal with the piston and it seemed to be fine. I really have no idea what the issue is. Any advise would be very appreciated.
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