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  1. WE Tech Double M4 GBB Magazine After a long waiting, the first WE-Tech GBB double magazine has finally released,with a larger loading capacity at 80rd bbs, enlarged gas tank, the double M4 GBB magazine benefits a higher ROF and at the same time more stable gas output. Lets see how far it can go!! More details below: Features: - WE Tech GI style M4 open bolt version magazine - Metal magazine case - Enlarged gas tank ability to carry larger amount of gas - High capacity 80round bb - Imitation .223 bullet also function as mag cover Spec: Color: Metallic black Material: Metal Gas Green Gas, WE Tech 2X , 3X , Propane Magazine Capacity: 80 rds Compatible models: see following WE Tech M4 series (WE888, WE888C, WE-T91 ,WExm177) WE Tech -R5 WE Tech MSK(ACR) WE Tech PDW(Modification needed) WE Tech SCAR WE Tech PLR16 (Modification needed) WE Tech L85 Website : www.crownairsoft.com Facebook: facebook.com/crownairsoft Instagram : instagram.com/crownairsoft Twitter: twitter.com/Crownairsoft
  2. The Armorer works VX series HEX-CUT AW Custom VX Series Hex Cut pistols, a brand-new range of pistols featuring our signature hex cuts and hex porting to reduce the overall weight of the pistol in addition to providing an aggressive gripping surface. (Read More)
  3. The first impression of the Desert Eagle (DE) Mark XIX is a big baby, the overall length is about 27cm and is about 4cm thick with 7 cm width on the pistol grip, big boys gun!! Different with other DE models in the market, this Desert Eagle mark XIX 50AE is World first GBB replica pistol features full slide stork action, and realistic field stripping steps.... read more-->>
  4. I own a TM's 2nd Gen before but the recoil is soooooo fake and the kick is weak. Plus, there is not much 3rd party upgrade parts support ..... Top M4 is a beautiful piece, but the shell is headache, and if you wish it run smoothly,you better replace the ejector latch (Vanaras sell it few years ago, but not any more)
  5. Sounds like the magazine's problem. As far as I know the CYMA CM052A does comes with a 800rds wind-up magazine. like you said after you shot some amount of bbs it keeps firing. which may cause of your mag not fully wind-up or too less bb you fill in the mag. there are thousands reason cause your gun not working well, I suggest you start checking with the part didnt cost any.
  6. If you are looking for a hundred dollar or under budget AEG rfile , what would you guys suggest? And what's important within such price range?
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