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  1. No threads. I just wanted to know if there are certain suppressors form brands that are considered better quality. And if there are outer barrel with threads that are compatible with KJW 1911s. Based on what I've heard Gemtech is good. http://www.evike.com/products/35405/ Or because I run green gas, It wouldn't hurt to get a suppressor with an inner barrel (+fps slightly and accuracy from reviews). http://www.evike.com/products/49415/ Corrections and help appreciated.
  2. I should be able to cut off the orange tip. I'm assuming the outer barrel is aluminium. What would you think about cutting my own threads? I should be fine going to a field without the orange tip on my pistol, right?
  3. Do any of you guys know an outer barrel with threads that would fit a KJW 1911 hi-capa, if it needs modification that is ok too if you can tell me specifically what to do. Also, I would like to ask if there is a suppressor for pistols that you would recommend, Thanks!
  4. So I should instead use an adapter and fixate it into the KJW barrel without the threading, what would you recommend to adhere the adapter? Do you know of a outer barrel with threads that would fit a KJW 1911? Thanks.
  5. I have a KJW KP-05 Hi-capa. But its outer barrel has an orange tip painted on and no threads. I have purchased a WE outer barrel (5.1) after reading some reviews that it will work after some work with a Dremel/File. I have worked on the differences but the slide gets stuck once in 3 shots and doesn't stop releasing gas from the magazine. I purchased the barrel to install and adapter and then a suppressor. There reason for this post is to ask you if you know specifically what to do, Thanks. Review "Some minor modification needed to fit a KJW 1911. This was the basic model they sell. It took me 5 min with a dremel. It seems it may need some breaking in as the slide doesn't rack as easily. Also note that hanging a heavy silencer off the end will cause more friction with your slide, this caused a noticeable decrease in gas efficiency. Maybe sanding it with high grit paper and using a bit of grease on the outer barrel will fix this." Product purchased: http://www.evike.com/products/28513/ Maybe useful info: When I took out the barrel the hop up unit briefly got stuck on the slide. Slide got stuck when it was moving towards me.
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