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  1. BUMP! Will sell guns separately if desired, $100 each.
  2. BUMP FOR PHOTOS- https://www.flickr.com/photos/149091794<AT>N06/albums/72157679895221792
  3. Hey guys. you might have seen my older post here - http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/304685-cyma-m14-socom-and-jg-m4-s-system-mags-and-scope-200/ - Its all the same, old buyer scammed me so I'm still offering it here. Text me for details 404-247-4788 Pictures - https://www.flickr.com/photos/149091794<AT>N06/albums/72157679895221792
  4. Curious to see more pics on the ACR. What's the FPS with .2? And size of mid caps? Contact me.
  5. Hello friends, I'm selling my two only guns, the M14 SOCOM has not seen any combat so its basically new. The M14 comes with three hi-caps, and the M4 comes with two. The M4 has a pre-installed MadBull 6.03 Tightbore barrel installed. Feel free to shoot me a text at 404-247-4788. Asking only $200+Shipping. We can negotiate if you want only one gun. Contact me if you want pictures, for some reason its not allowing me to post any.
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