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  1. Can you link me a good li-Po charger and Li-Po battery for say 8 hours of play please. Something good for a day at the airsoft field.
  2. It's the MaH and C rating you want to go by right??? Like 35C is good 20C is the middle grade basically, that's what I have. The ipower logo appears cheap. But if I can get anywhere from 900 to 2000 shots out of these rifles I'd be very happy. As of now I haven't counted the full shot capability but I have 3 high cap mags I can go test it out with tomorrow.
  3. Hahaha man. That's not good news! LoL I live in Sacramento Ca and they are the only AirSoft store we have LoL. The guys there are nice and knowledgeable though. The charger was absolutely the problem though, it was seriously undercharging the batteries but saying they were fully charged. But we replaced the charger and now I get at least 900 shots out of my 1000Mah and My 1100MaH Li-Po. Thank You guys again for all your suggestions. I will be using this site again for any questions I have, you were all very quick to respond. Have a great day!
  4. Im in the store I purchased everything from. There tech agreed that wasn't right and is testing everything at this very moment. That was a good suggestion ty. It was my charger. Thanks guys.
  5. Now that is something I never would have thought of. I am still under warranty so I'm going to let the tech see if its an actual issue with the rifle.
  6. So I find the gun performance. For those 50 or so shots phenomenal. No abnormal smells and no overheating. I do not have other batteries. But I'm taking what I have into my local store to see if they will help me out here hands on. I'll be back with and update in a few hours. Thank You for your help.
  7. Got it. I don't have one any longer my brothers an electrician he still has his I'll use it when he's off work. But my charger lights are functioning properly. It will say charging but in less than 20 min say it's charged. Fully. I plug it in. No clip. Fire exactly 50-52 shots before they start to die amd I risk overdischarging so I stop.
  8. All very good questions. I will get all the appropriate answers for you and post them shortly. I'm new so I don't know the answers to that right off the top of my head. http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=2481# ^That's a link to my exact rifle with all the specs. I wasn't able to find some of the details to answer your questions specifically maybe this will help. Thank You for your time. My battery is ipower and My charger is V3, it's an AEX brand I believe. Hope that's good to start. I can't find much more on this stuff.
  9. Hello. I'm new to airsoft but not that new to math lol now it's my understanding I should get about 1 shot per MaH on my Li-Po Battery for my King Arms M4, Stock. It has a Mosfet. Supposed to be ideal. I'm getting 51 shots max from what my charger says is a fully charged 11.1v 1100MaH 20C Li-Po. Is my charger defective? or is it me? Please help, any advice would be great. :) Thank You Very Much For Your Time.
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