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  1. Hi, I made this video demonstrating an effective way of synchronizing and editing airsoft footage. So if you record or would like to record gameplay with more than one camera but aren't sure how to handle the editing process, this should help you.
  2. My first big game using a G&G 552 with Inferno Gen 2 HPA system
  3. Here's a cool gameplay video I made:
  4. Here's a follow-up video with gameplay clips using the lens:
  5. I made this video on how to change the lens in a RunCam 2 (an $80 camera) to make it able to record tighter shots so you can get your BBs and targets down range clearly on video. The camera can shoot at 60 fps in 1080p and has wifi function, which makes it better than the popular Mobius camera. Changing the lens on it is tricky however, and I show you how to do so in the following video: Thanks for watching.
  6. I've had the Revision "thermal" lens for the desert locust goggles for a while now, and it's one of the best airsoft-related things I have bought. I'm not sure why people still bother to use anti-fog spray or wipes etc, because this type of lens has been around for a while. For some reason, a lot of airsoft players don't know about them and just deal with having foggy goggles. Anyway I made an informational video about them here:
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