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  1. So I looked this up and apparently it's a real steel lower receiver? I haven't been able to find any Airsoft version of it- perhaps you could link me?
  2. aah!!! thanks so much it's exactly what I was looking for. I guess I'll have to start looking up how to build your own airsoft rifle now though ahaha
  3. So far im liking what ehobbyasia has to offer- great selection of products, and staff are responsive. But to be honest wgcshop and redwolf are not bad either.
  4. first off I don't know if this is the right section to post this. but from what I gather I don't really see any other place where I can get something I want to buy ID'd anyways, need help on a few pieces. I don't really have a budget I guess, but obviously if it's like $10000 then I can't do that. Mainly looking for the name of the gun shown below if it's out-of-the-box stock, but if it's custom and you know the names of the accessories and all that then that would be great. The few key things that stood out about this gun that made me wanna cop (which also might be what helps you identify it) is the Magazine pull, the 'X' patterns on the Lower Receiver and red Magazine Release switch. EDIT: the file name of the image I pulled from the site was named 'osprey with ptw'. I know Osprey is the silencer, and I believe PTW stands for Personal Training Weapon, if that helps I am also looking for a gun with a 'handguard' over the trigger, such as the DMR from Halo. I currently have my eye on this AUG http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/a-p-s-aug-a3-tactical-ris-handguard-model-aeg.html but I was hoping more of an M4-style rifle with handguard, if such thing exists And finally, am also looking for any gun that's been skeletonised to make it lighter- something such as this: http://www.iwholesales.co.uk/211096-aps-red-dragon-fmr-mod1-aeg-red-black-asr-120 but less bright. Thanks for any help in advanced x
  5. At age 18, I have lots of time, money and testosterone to expend. I have chosen to expend those resources on Airsoft. Born n bred in Hong Kong, also known as the world's airsoft capital. Got hooked after 1 CQB birthday sesh game and so here I am. Still completely new to the sport so looking for a bit of support from these forums before I invest fully into this. See you around! :) x
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