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  1. Any, as long as it works or isnt cracked
  2. Any affordable (Under $50) unique optics? Im pretty sure a NATO red dot shouldn't be on a AS VAL Vintorez. Just looking for some optics that look good on a AS VAL, no sniper scopes neither, just red dots and Acogs.
  3. So...I was thinking about having an airsoft game in the forest by my house, and I started thinking. What if I get attacked by an animal? What if I get lost? How do I find my friends? Those are a few questions, but what I'm really worried about, is animals. Is a "back yard" night game even safe? I live in Florida and snakes and bears are really worrying me. Please answer below. Also, I'm just worried about DANGEROUS animals, not harmless nonvenomous snakes or raccoons or something.
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