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  1. Lost my magazine I had for it last time I was playing outdoors with it. Gun has no issues internally except the hop up bucking is a little worn out, but that's no big deal, other than that it works perfectly fine. The gun has some externally broken parts, that being the Front Receiver Cover, the clips that hold it in broke, but it still sits in place, it'll just pop out a bit from time to time(Doesn't affect performance of the gun). There's a cracked piece on the body of the gun by the stock(Also doesn't affect the performance of the gun). The fore grip piece broke, so I glued it into a fixed position. $100 OBO Just PM me for more details Buyer pays shippping, and I pay PayPal fees. PAYPAL ONLY.
  2. Magazines must be fully functional with no issues other than cosmetic scratches. Shoot me a pm and we can talk.
  3. Are you willing to part with 2 mags?
  4. It works perfectly and has only been fielded twice and cleaned and lubed after every time I've shot this thing. Comes with: -One regular magazine -One Extended magazine -RA TECH EVO II HOP UP unit and 6.01 tight bore inner barrel. -Old hop up unit and inner barrel. The gun was $140 brand new, the magazine was $50 and the upgrades were $40. Gun has signs of ware, just scratches and a few chips of paint. Tip of slide was dipped into nail polish remover to get rid of the nasty orange tip. Gun will be shipped with orange tape on the slide. Most signs of ware are where the orange tip used to be. I can send many images of the gun through private message. Looking to get around $180, but feel free to send me offer, worst I can say is no.
  5. Is the G18 still available?
  6. Looking at offers on a KWC 1911a1 that comes with an extended magazine. The gun is Co2 powered and has only been used in about four backyard games, the gun was cleaned after every game it was used in, there's a few scuffs and scratches on the slide from the holster I used and the inevitable sctraches from the slide kicking when the gun was shot. Comes with the 1911a1, 1 regular Co2 magazine, and 1 extended Co2 Magazine. paypal only, you pay shipping $110 OBO
  7. Any brand is fine, looking for good condition working G18C model GBB pistols just pm me here, thanks you!
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