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    New to airsoft and know nothing about the guns really. I can build a real M4 in no time but don't have any idea about mosfet's out whatever they are called or batteries and such. I'm buying a Krytac mk2 SPR and want to know what kind of battery and charger I should get. I don't want to have to modify anything and just want a no fuss set up. Thanks in advance.
  2. You guys are completely misunderstanding what I'm saying. I understand there isn't an airsoft gun out there with the ballistic anywhere near any real gun even a pellet gun. I just want an airsoft gun that can reach out to 100 yards being in going to get into milsim and I was hoping to find a semi auto airsoft platform that can do that. I've had an airsoft gun before some of the younger members of this forum were born but transitioned to paintball in probably 2000-2001. Looking to get back into airsoft for the exercise and the practice clearing rooms and working with small team tactics for if the world ends. I'm a little old and have some health issues that prevent me from military duty so I can't serve as some have told me to do.
  3. I can move my budget to whatever I want really to just figured since I can get a real AR-15 for that price I'd be able to get a killer airsoft for that much and being we're about to close on a house the wife wouldn't be the fondest of me spending over a thousand on a gun but I'm the one who makes the money and I can easily hide the cost if need be. Do gas guns have further range and higher accuracy? I may even consider a high end sniper if I have to get done decent range and accuracy. I'm used to real guns where reaching out to 400 yards isn't a problem so I just don't want to get super frustrated with my airsoft gun because I can't hit anything.
  4. Are there any semi auto platforms they can reach out to 100 yards without much problem?
  5. I'm looking to get into airsoft to better train with platforms the same as what could save my life one day. I'm looking for an AR platform rifle with a 16-20" barrel, a rail or not doesn't matter to me this will be a K.I.S.S. rifle. I want it to have mid to long range accuracy with great reliability. I also don't want to have to be doing a bunch of modifications to get it to preform. I'm willing to spend $500 on just the gun. Also the AR needs to be metal no cheap stuff that feels like a toy it can also be gas or electric but I don't in any case want a remote line. I'll only do gas if the mags charge like the one I had when I was 12. I would also love a Springfield XD gas pistol if anyone's knows of someone who makes a good one. If not an XD I'll be looking at other polymer striker fired type airsoft pistols so I'll take suggestions on those as well. I've looked around online at the krytac rifles and I have a feeling that is the direction I'll be getting steered. Thanks guys and gals.
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