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  1. Actually I think it does have bearings. Any tips on removing the piston head? There is no screw on the outside and there seems to be a square nut inside.
  2. I believe this is the piston and piston head that comes stock. (http://www.evike.com/products/54270/). Either of you know whether it comes w bearings?
  3. Hey guys, so I have an ICS Par Mk3 CQB (10.5 inch outer barrel) that I am trying to upgrade for trigger response and increase ROF. Parts I have purchased so far: - SHS 13:1 Gears - SHS Sector Gear chip - SHS High Torque Motor - JBU M100 Spring/ Stock ICS M120 Spring - Madbull Ball Bearing Spring Guide - Turnigy 11.1V 1,800 Mah 25-40C LiPo - Nukefet from BrillArmory - Deans Connectors Everything else is stock. Some info about the stock parts: - 6 (or 8?) metal tooth ICS Piston - Type 1 ICS Cylinder - Plastic Cylinder Head So my question is, would this setup with the M100 spring cause premature engagement? What about an M110? My goal is to reach anywhere around 28-35 rps, with a max of ~375 Fps. I have heard that putting the M120 and short stroking would get rid of any PE, but I'm trying not to modify the gears at all. I was also told that short stroking may cause some issues regarding cylinder volume, as well as tappet plate engagement issues. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I'm mostly going to shoot on semi, as my local fields don't allow for full auto, so the PE shouldn't be too big of an issue, but I still want to be able to shoot full auto without destroying my piston. Thanks in advance!
  4. Got an electric King Arms SVD if u want. Ik u said u wanted bolt actions but im letting it go for the low so lmk if u want it
  5. For Sale: http://imgur.com/a/OUe5k ICS Par Mk3 - Got this gun probably about a week ago, and not really thinking about letting go unless for a good price, or trade with a pre-upgraded gun. I think I paid about $320 I believe, and with about $200 in upgrades and accessories. Has mock silencer ($30), PEQ 15 with flashlight and Green laser ($65), replica EoTech ($40), m100 spring ($10), ZCI balanced motor ($30), and a Madbull ball bearing spring guide ($15). http://imgur.com/7s1tnpr King Arms Full Metal SVD Dragunov AEG Sniper - Got this gun as a gift, and have no real use for it, because there arent any outdoor fields around me. Shoots around 420 fps, and has a surprising trigger response/ rate of fire. Completely stock, and comes with a 200 round Hi-Cap. I believe they retail for around $180-$200, and the gun is basically brand new. I'm willing to take anything above $120, or trade it for GBB pistol or AEG. http://imgur.com/6a8Rdw5 Grand Power K100 CO2 Non-blowback pistol - Bought this pistol off of Evike for $80 (now its $65). Great little CO2 pistol that shoots hard, and accurate. The metal slide can back, and can lock as well, but has no function, as it is a non-blowback pistol. Very gas efficient (I've put one CO2 cartridge into it and was shooting hard after 5 mags). I can include the hard-case that I bought off of evike as well. Looking for anything above $40, and also looking to trade for gear (JPC, Battle Belt, etc.) http://imgur.com/wnH5JJG Magpul PTS MOE handguard (Flat Dark Earth) with 3 rail segments- Bought this off of evike for $30 for my old gun, but ended up not being able to use it because the handguard cap on the gun was too thick for it (Aimtop makes extra thick handguard caps for some reason). I bought the rail segments off of Amazon for around $12, and have no use for either of them. I also bought a pair of chinapul MBUS sights for $10 off of Dhgate that I can include. I'm willing to take around $30 for the handguard, rails, and sights. http://imgur.com/0uzY6Oi http://imgur.com/4UejD05 http://imgur.com/2FwD77W Flashlight with Barrel mount and Rail mount - Bought this green light flashlight for around $25 on amazon. Accidentally bought the green version, so if anyone wants it, I can throw it into a package with something else, or I'll take $15 for it. http://imgur.com/L5quv1Z I can provide separate videos and pictures if needed. PM for any questions. I am extremely negotiable with the prices on the guns, and the prices I gave are not final. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
  6. Recently bought a long ZCI Balanced Motor off of Brill Armory. Meant to order a ZCI High Torque, but I messed up, so if anyone wants it for $25, or $30 shipped, let me know. The motor is basically brand new (maybe 100 dry fire shots to test it out), and has an SHS pinion on it. I can send you pictures and videos of it if you are skeptical. The motor was delivered yesterday and I only opened it today. PM for details
  7. Would these fit in a buffer tube? Ideally I want something that would fit inside the buffer, and leave enough room for an 11.1, but an external battery is fine as long as the mosfet itself would fit in the buffertube.
  8. Thank you both so much! Would something like a Nanofet drop in work? (http://www.brillarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=48&products_id=183) And is the Nukefet any different? (http://www.brillarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=48&products_id=516) I also heard that the ASCU mosfets fit well, but the reviews seem very mixed. Any experience with these? I'm really looking for something that I won't have to solder, and could just drop in. Thank you!
  9. I specifically chose the ICS split gearbox because I heard it was easy to upgrade :/... Are there other mosfets that replace the trigger contacts that would fit? I'm new to mosfets and would like one that I could just drop in. And is the upgrade from 18:1 to 16:1 gears worth it?
  10. Also, the Par MK3 has a spring detention system when switched to safe. Will this have any problems working with the Gate Titan? I saw in a video that this spring detention system is also a feature in the titan (not sure if its true) and I don't want to run into any problems with it.
  11. Hey everyone! This is my first post on an airsoft forum, and I just had a couple questions. I am sort of a noob when it comes to internal gearbox upgrades. I recently bought an ICS Par MK3 from Evike, and am looking to upgrade it for CQB use. Most of the CQB fields around me don't allow for full auto, so I am looking for something with great trigger response, at about 360-370 fps. I will also be using an 11.1v LiPo. So far, these are the only upgrades I have done. - ZCI Balanced Motor with SHS pinion (http://www.brillarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_65&products_id=188) - JBU m100 Spring (https://www.hobbytron.com/JBUM100MetalSpringHeatTreated.html#35155) - Madbull Ultimate Ball Bearing Spring Guide (http://www.evike.com/products/38825/) I am looking to add a Gate Titan Mosfet (also looked at BTC Spectre and Chimera but these seem to be impossible to get), and possibly SHS or ZCI high-speed gear set (13:1 or 16:1). Is paying ~$150 worth it for a mosfet? Also, will the ICS split gearbox fit the Titan and 13:1 gears without modification? and is the 16:1 gearset even worth upgrading from the stock 18:1 ICS gearset? I will be correcting AOE, reshimming, and attaching deans connectors to just about everything. My budget for the gearbox is about $200 including a mosfet, and I will be doing accuracy/ compression upgrades in the near future. Any suggestions/inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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