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  1. I was wonder what was your worst Airsoft experience? What made it that way? What could have prevented this situation? I am just wonder.
  2. Ok, I would think it would work in those forest, right?
  3. Goggles/glasses or full mask? Which one do you guys prefer and why? I am deciding which option should I get.
  4. Even though this post is old, coyote brown is also a good color. It will match almost any camo in my opinion. Hope this helps!
  5. Hello guys, Today I would like to hear you opinions on the original Vietnam Tiger Stripe. I would like to know if you think it is effective and if it would work in the temperate forest of Europe/Eastern U.S. Also, do you think that the new All Terrain Tiger Stripe is worth investing in? Personally, I think the original pattern it is a neat pattern. I thank you ahead of time- UbekannterBenutzer
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