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  1. I'm looking for a G&P Skull Frog receiver (GP707B style) for an AEG that is new or very good condition with little to no scratches. I am willing to pay max $45 for the lower receiver, and $60 max for a full receiver (I really only care for the lower receiver, and price does not include shipping). It must have the full engravings as shown in the images. It must be by G&P. 1) I will pay for shipping. 2) I would prefer new. 3) After confirming I can buy it, I would prefer it listed on eBay. 3) It must have full engravings, unlike the Evike G&P limited edition version. 4) it must be an AEG body, not a G&P WOC body. 5) It must be by G&P, not King Arms (or Red Fire). The King Arms/Red Fire version has the select fire wording molded into the receiver itself, not engraved. If it is laser engraved with white print, it is most likely G&P. 6) It does not have to come with all the other parts as shown in image 1, just the receiver itself. 7) I am really only interested in the lower receiver, but if you are to sell me the upper as well, it must have the NSWC and Skull frog engraving, otherwise I will not accept buying an upper. In fact, I would really only like to buy the lower. 7) If you are interested, PM me. Even if you don't have the exact specifications, I'll still be willing to maybe consider the option, but the receiver I ask for specifically takes top priority. It still has to be for an AEG though, that doesn't change.
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