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  1. Those are just lens covers, never use those for a game. And ya they're glass, fairly thick glass too. You don't need to worry about breaking, and since you didn't know that, I'm guessing you're new to airsoft. Make sure your eye pro is quality, not cheap stuff you buy at Walmart which has a way higher chance of shattering than ur scope.
  2. ^ True for the airsoft player who wants to play seriously or wants be more effective. However, the sport is meant to be fun so if he wants to be a sniper I say go for it. As for your question, (I may be too late) I wouldnt get the gun due to the lack of parts. Buy a Bar 10 or maruzen L96 clone and upgrade it as you go along which will be good enough for what you do. Stock guns, sniper rifles in particular, usually suck if you don't upgrade. Common Aegs will be able to have roughly the same range and accuracy. And since your new, you wont be very skilled so... ya... ur gonna get owned and probably frustrated (I would know, I started with a stock UTG L96 and a springer pistol). Just keep upgrading the sniper and buy a quality semiautomatic pistol.
  3. 1. Don't ask the same question more than once, it won't help anything 2. Look at your other question, I answer it there
  4. If you earn some money I would get the following: AA Hop up Maple leaf bucking and concave nub Prometheus barrels Guges Mk23 is correct about the hop mods being the best if you lack money.
  5. The AGM says that it is aps2 compatible so it could be a good gun but for anyone else looking to buy this, I recommend to get a utg, well, or tsd L96 instead.
  6. ^ I agree with this but anyway I will answer your question, you can't use AEG barrels unless you upgrade it with a new hop up chamber that uses them, which I highly recommend since that is probably the most important upgrade. I'm not sure about bar 10s but AA makes good hop up chambers. I would also get a maple leaf bucking and concave nub with a Prometheus barrel. Hope this helps.
  7. Probably since he also added that he only got 2-3 shots off per mag with Co2 in the winter.
  8. Alright that's fair. I got the information from another forum and he said he just didn't like the gun all to much. He also said the accuracy is terrible when rapid firing because of the play in the outer barrel. Idk if this is true but I will most likely end up buying the kp05. I just didn't want a disappointing gun again.
  9. I would pick the kp05 but from what people say the slide is sluggish and I don't want that feeling while shooting the pistol. A healthy mix between snappy and recoil is what I want.
  10. Uh those are jokes in my opinion, an elite force h8r will work. Worth the price but not necessarily an amazing gun.
  11. Is there a gbb pistol u would recommend besides these two? No glocks or TM
  12. And does the p09 have an upgradable barrel and hop up?
  13. That should mean you know ur stuff at least... now I'm interested with the p09 a little more, so I'm assuming the p09 has quality internals since it's designed to use c02 as well. This doesn't matter to me as much but I also want to know how the kick is on the p09. I'm just being picky now but in my eyes I see the p09 just a little bit better than the fnx, but the slide that rides the inside of the gun just doesnt do it for me in terms of looks. So I'm just looking for things that I could justify buying the p09 to myself. ( and Ik the fnx probably has better kick but I want the p09 to have at least a fair amount)
  14. Ya, I think what cybergun did, especially with the price is :censored2: up. What I should have asked however, which one will work longer without breaking? And how many mags do you get per fill with the p09?
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