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  1. Or should I just get one of the many 8.4 volt sub-c crane stock battery packs and remove the cell myself?
  2. Hey everyone, I am hoping you all can help me track down a specific Nimh battery pack. I am looking for some 7.2 volt sub-c Nimh crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly battery packs but having a little trouble. I have seen a couple 7.2 volt nimh crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly battery packs on ebay, but Im pretty sure they are 2/3a instead of sub-c. I know most of you are scratching your heads on the 7.2 volt instead of 8.4 or higher volt, but I specifically need 7.2 volts for what I am trying to do, and much prefer sub-c cells over 2/3a cells. If noone sells 7.2 volt sub-c crane stock/nunchuch/butterfly battery packs, do any of you know anywhere that can do custom battery packs using high quality, high discharge nimh sub-c cells in a crane stock/nunchuck/butterfly pack setup? Thank you all!
  3. No recommendations on quality nimh sub-c 8.4v & 9.6v crane stock battery packs? Not looking to go lipo.
  4. Anyone want to recomend a high quality nimh sub-c "large" crane stock battery pack in 8.4 and 9.6 volt configurations? And some reputable online stores to buy them? I've seen quite a few on ebay and amazon etc but don't waant to worry about risking buying low quality ripoffs of high quality packs. I see tenergy a lot but not sure if they are high quality or not
  5. Hello all, hoping you can kind of "school" me on nimh cells and packs. Are ther any advantages to sub-c cells over 2/3a cells aside from higher mah rating/battery life? Would sub-c cells have a higher amp/current disharge than 2/3a cells of same brand/quality? Or is it just run time/life that would be different? I know the voltage would be the same between fully charged sub-c and 2/3a of the same cell count, but not sure about amp/current discharge available. I know I would prefer high discharge nimh cells over low discharge cells but don't know if sub-c high discharge would offer higher discharge over 2/3a high discharge.... Please enlighten me on this subject. Thank you!
  6. Is that a classic army crane stock? Or other brand? If it does fit the "large" sub-c butterfly/nunchuck/crane stock battery packs, and commercial buffer tubes, I will gladly pay $20 shipped for that stock.
  7. Hello everyone, I am new here and looking for advice, suggestions etc on butt stocks that hold "large" type batteries, that fit commercial spec buffer tubes not mil spec buffer tubes. And yes I am looking to use nimh packs and not lipo packs. From googling, it seems that the only stocks that hold batteries are the "crane" stocks offered by a few different companies, and only a small few of them offer "crane" stocks that can hold the "large" (I think sub-c. please correct me on cell size if I'm wrong) battery packs, while most can only hold "small" (I think 2/3A) battery packs. Who all offers the crane stocks that hold the larger batteries? And more importantly, where can I find/buy them? All I can seem to find are the smaller battery versions, and when I do find the larger battery version its usually an expired ebay ad
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