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  1. Pretty much brand new TM Glock 18c. Played a game with it, worked wonderfully with the exception of sometimes having to the pistol twice before it fired for some reason but aside from that, wonders. so today I go to fire a few shots and gun just wont work. I think its a leaky mag so I try another one and same thing. I fill the mag up, load it in the pistol, c0ck it and a BB literally falls out the barrel and then I fire and all I hear is the hammer clicking and thats it... I take the mag out and now the mag is magically empty (I try pressing the valve) im really confused as this is a new gun and its TM, not supposed to be trashy right.
  2. Honestly I don't know how to do what you just asked me to do. Sorry, my first ever GBB pistol and quite new to airsoft still
  3. I don't know much about about GBBs but the spring guide seems to be fine.. I don't know about the cracked nozzle
  4. Brand new WE M&P9, came with a long barrel so I switched it with a smaller one that came with, lubed it with AI 30WT silicone oil for the internals and some AI 1.5WT silicone oil on both mag's valves and went to fire it. First ever shot, bam cloud of gas from the gun barrel, bunch of bbs fly out randomly. next few tries, same gas explosion but no bbs came out. Also tried atleast 3 different mags so they're not the problem.. I use propane by the way, and AI's oil pump to oil the entire propane tank. Not sure if thats relevant. BBs I use: https://www.amazon.ca/Tactical-Force-Premium-Airsoft-0-20g/dp/B0147JE0PA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1498889932&sr=8-3&keywords=bbs Gun:http://www.herooutdoors.com/we-m-p9-w-silencer-black/ Thanks!
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