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  1. I had 2 with the skeletonized hammer (tactical, rail gun) that broke, my traditional style 1911a1 with the solid old skool style hammer is still going but it will be replaced by a kjw since I know better now. I would stay away from Elite Force 1911's. Wish I found out earlier but am new to airsoft. Hope mine lasts the rest of the week til I get paid and can get that kjw lol. IMHO selling something that breaks in a week should get you pulled from the shelves, don't know why more people like myself who are newbies make this mistake, maybe its the %$#@! hype and advertising? Expensive lesson though for the price of the 2 that broke I could got a kjw and a couple mags. Lonerider
  2. Excellent! I was hoping kjw was good. The sad thing is I should have known better, as a bicycle mechanic I've seen lots of aluminum parts crack, fail, etc., but I was a 1911 fan and had no idea they were "low quality" at the time (first airsoft gbbs) but I learned quick... Looking forward to that kjw when I get the $ together. Thanks. Lonerider
  3. Hello, sorta newbie airsofter, first time poster. I'm a 1911 fanboy so I wanted one. Got their traditional 1911a1. After removing the threaded extension (which a 1911a1 does not have) it worked great! Still does. So I bought one of their "tactical" ones with the hollow hammer, as well as a colt rail gun which is basically the same mechanism. Both of these broke in under a week, the railgun twice (after hammer was warrenteed). I believe the problem is that the hammer material is too thin, considering the metal used is not as strong as a real gun. My non tactical traditional 1911a1 has a solid army style hammer so I'm thinking that's why it didn't break. I took some parts from the broken ones (grips, flat mainstring housing) and sort of customized by 1911a1, and now I also have two spare mags! But in the process I learned there are potential problems with all elite force guns not just the ones with hollow hammers. I will keep the old style 1911a1 as long as it works but want a good solid replacement to hand just in case. I need one with upgradable / maintenence possible internals, and solid externals that won't break off (like that cheap EliteForce hammer). I was looking at the KJW KP-07, it's a 1911 with ambidextrous safety that takes green gas and C02 mags. The ambi safety is a plus for me as I'm lefty -- and learned to shoot "thumb over" grip to accomodate the dual safeties on the two that broke. But... are the controls on the KJW solid? Like, good strong metal? I ask because it too has that hallow bobbed hammer of doom... Although I do have an KJW sig 226 and had a kjw m9 and they were/are both solid. Or if there is another gbb 1911 someone can recommend? Prefer ability to use co2 I shoot daily or weekly in my garage and it is cool in winter, and of course 1911 non hi-capa style gun, all metal. Many thanks, Lonerider
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