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  1. Hi. I just downgraded my spring to a SP100 for CQB. I noticed that I am getting overspin with a 9.6 volt battery when I am in semi auto. when I plug in my 8.4 volt battery it works perfectly fine but I would rather use 9.6 volt batteries. Please help.
  2. The brand is SHS which I heard their springs do get mixed sometimes. I am using the same spring that I accidently left compressed in my old gearbox for about a month stright. And I did feel the tention my m100 felt lighter than my old one.
  3. Story: I just upgraded my AEG airsoft guns hop-up and barrel. My gun started shooting 400 FPS with my stock spring. I put a m100 spring and it still shoots 400 FPS. My goal is to get it to shoot around 350 for CQB. Before I upgraded from cheap parts it shot about 330 FPS. Guns new specs: Completely stock G&P gearbox (except m100 SHS spring) 430mm TBB 6.01mm ProWin CNC hop-up - http://www.evike.com/products/40058/ Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Bucking - http://www.evike.com/products/31081/ I understand that with the hop-up and air seal bucking and the 6.01 mm barrel make a huge difference in FPS but however I put my OLD hop-up and barrel in my gun and it still shoots 400 fps and my head is spinning and I can't find any to make it not shoot 400 fps. Anyone have any idea how to lower my FPS. Thank you in advance.
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