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  1. Hi, I'm new to airsoft and I need help choosing my first AEG I playing in the field. so I narrow it down to this 3 unit, who is in my price range 1. E&C HK416D AEG (I don&#39;t know much about this brand, can someone tell me about this brand, but in my country indonesia this brand pretty popular, and affordable) 2. G&P Ball AEG 3. WE Scar L AEG ( I hear some of the internal parts of this aeg is particular of WE parts only, is this true?) this 3 unit is in my budget range, if u have another type of E&C type unit u suggest, please tell because most of e&c units is in my budget range. and, I planning to upgrade the inner barrel and hop up after 10 or more playing, so which unit is the best base for upgrade Thanks in advance. and sorry if my english is messy.
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