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    Hi, I'm Aimi and I'm an airsofter from the United States. I've been playing since I was a kid, and I'm now just getting back into it. As for equipment, I prefer really unique guns, especially Russian ones. I also like historical guns, especially WW2 ones, and I tend to be the one who stands out of the field because I'm the one guy who decides to use an MP40 instead of an MP5. I hope I'll enjoy myself here and meet some cool people. Thanks!
  2. So I've been thinking of getting the Matrix/Redfire Mosin Nagant, but the only versions I can find are the non-Sniper versions, which have a straight bolt. Normally, the Sniper versions have a bent bold handle so it can't get in the way of the scope. I know they make scope mounts for Mosin Nagants, but they involve picatinny rails, which I wouldn't want to have on a world war 2 gun, and also, I prefer the PU scope anyway since it allows you to use the iron sights for backup (Red Orchestra players will know what I mean~) So is there any way to convert it into a sniper version? Will real Nagant bolt handles (which can be found anywhere, like the real steel Mosin) work with it? Or should I just go f*ck all and not even bother with it? I've heard some particularly bad things about Airsoft Mosins in general. The Matrix/Redfire ones apparently have loading issues, and the Wingun M44 version apparently has a HUGE fps that most fields will not allow. (Even then, I'd still probably buy one just to have it for at home stuff)
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