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  1. Yes zvzrything is correct :/ bbs fire without a problem when k pull my mag backwards :/ might it be a problem with the hop up chamber?
  2. but the only thing I upgraded inside my gearbox is the piston head, my piston and cylinder head..
  3. just chekked my m4 with standard pistol grip and it still doesn't feed... also chekked the wiring. I think it might be something internel our my hop up chamber broke.. :/ but when I pull my mags hard to a random direction it fires without a problem...
  4. nope wiring is fine :) but yeah that sucks cause its a really nice pistol grip :(
  5. Thx! it might be my pistol grip then cause I had to loosen it a bit before. Because my pistol grip was so tight that my mag release didn't work.
  6. Hello, Can anyone help me? I upgrade my m4 with a new pistol grip and after I installed the pistol grip on my m4 the mags do not want to feed unless I pull my mags backwards then they feed fine (I also putted some tape around my mags but still doesn't work. I also took out my gearbox and upgraded it on the inside with stronger parts before I installed the grip. Its pretty strange... our is my gearbox not 100% in place ? I hope someone can help me ! :)
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