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  1. Ah if I got a lemon that would be upsetting. Wasn't planning on investing in a new motor. If those TM EG1000 armatures are good enough I wouldn't mind taking that out and putting it with my SHS can if that's a sound idea.
  2. For anyone that may still be checking in on this, I ended up getting a 2200mAh 11.1v Gens Ace lipo. Very nice battery, will definitely be getting more of those. As for the gearbox, I did see an improved rof but not significant. It might be my poor soldering work or shimming. Never said I was an expert at these things. I did also encounter pre-engagement because there is slight wear down in the middle of my pistons metal tooth rack. Bought a fresh m120 to mitigate that since I was looking to increase fps anyways and will be installing cleaner 16 gauge wires that arent torn up from my past mistakes. Wish me luck :)
  3. Thanks for quick replies guys. I'm new to forums and all so I hope I'm doing this right but I'm looking at new batteries right now. Should I be looking at something like a 40C constant or would ones that say 35cinstant~70burst with high mAh. As for the pre-engagement, how would I counter this if it became a problem? Something like a Swiss cheesed piston? I have one of those on hand.
  4. Hi, Built my first custom aeg--yay awesome. Shoots fine and all with great trigger response but from what I've been reading, I don't think I'm quite getting the rof I should be with my setup. Just wondering if anyone thinks it's awfully too slow for what parts I have so I can determine if I should open it back up and troubleshoot. 24rps 340fps (I believe) m110 guarder spring with two coils cut. Honestly don't remember what spring it was SHS HT motor 13:1 super shooter gears 11.1v 20c 1000mAh Lipo 8mm lonex ball bearings
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