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  1. I found an online store for tactical weapons, where the products are of good quality and reasonable prices. Share with you. www.ppt-outdoor.com
  2. 100% new Good quality Factory price Magnification: 1x Bullet Drop Compensator: No Length (In): 45mm Illumination Source LED Reticle Pattern: 3.25 MOA Dot Day Reticle Color: Red Night Reticle Color: Red Bindon Aiming Concept: No Adjustment 100 yards (clicks/in): 1.0 Housing Material: Forged Aluminum Batteries 3V Lithium Battery ( Attention: this item does not proviede battery) Red dot scope with switch Interested friends can contact me, or click on this site:http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/1x32-Red-Dot-Scope-With-Fiber-X-Caliber-Spikes-Tactical-Upper?search=2-0048
  3. Red Dot Laser of Grip Laser for Glock 17 Pisto, For only $ 9.72 Good Quality, Factory Price For more information please click here:http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/trijicon-night-sight-sets-for-ar15-m16?search=20-0053
  4. I think this mini red dot sight is right for your pistol:http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/1x32-Red-Dot-Scope-With-Fiber-X-Caliber-Spikes-Tactical-Upper?search=2-0048. Obviously, you still need one mini red dot scope sight pistol mount base.
  5. I inadvertently browse this blog post, hope it useful to you. http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/game%20hunting-rifle%20scope-tactical%20goggles-camouflage-blog-face%20mask
  6. You can click into this site to ask, I have seen it here, ok, just try luck. http://www.ppt-outdoor.com
  7. Maybe you can find the answer on this site: http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/1x-Holosight-Red-Dot-Sight-552-1x33x24-Colt-Diamondback?search=552
  8. Hey man, you may be able to consult on this site: http://www.ppt-outdoor.com.
  9. Canis Latrans 1-4x24 IRF Rifle Scope Magnification :1x-4x Objective Lens Diameter :24mm Specification :1-4x24 IRF Reflex Lens Coating :Multilayer Broadband Transparent Film Overall Light Transmission :>85% Parallax :<1MOA Parallax Correction :100YDS Field Angle :16.0-6 Exit Pupil Diameter :16.5-6mm Distance of Exit Pupil :4.9-3.5 Click Value : 1/4" Focusing Range :5-infinity Adjustment Type :Outside Adjust Spiral Direction :Clockwise E/W Adjustment Range :±30-±40 Reticle :Mil-Dot Illuminated Reticle :Red/Green/Blue ,4 levels of brightness Resistance :3.5KG Finish & Coating :Anodic Oxidation Color :Matte Black Texture of Material :Aluminum Alloy Tube Diameter :30mm Marking :According to the demend of client Length*Height*Width :256mm*60mm*68mm Weight :570g Operation Temperature Range : -30℃~ +50℃ Storage Temperature Range :-50℃~ +70℃ Mounting Styie :Picatinny rail Battery : CR2032 Battery Life : 3000/ the 4th level Power Supply :3V
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZE2LfBTLrg I found it on this site:http://www.ppt-outdoor.com/PVS-14-style-digital-night-vision?search=27-0008
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