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  1. Breaking down a gun by trial and error is by far the best. I find myself watching youtube vids and following along too.
  2. Nice. Great thread. The thread at Arnie's forum was awesome too but seems like it got delete.
  3. I just used this for my KWA g36c and it worked great. Awesome!
  4. I got with heavy almost all the time. It's better accuracy and performance overall. If the gun supports it, go with the heaviest. It would be interesting to know how a prommy to compare. Let me know if you got the results!
  5. Love it. For everyone that is a beginner, they should learn these by heart lol
  6. Super interesting. Love the diagram with the BBs.
  7. I would love to see a mash between the Colt M4 and Thompson 1928. I think it would look sick.
  8. Yah, the organge tip is enforced federally. Can't do much about it. Paint over it after you get it, if you really want to. I wouldnt recommend it tho.
  9. I have to agree with Guges. It happens constantly with CA. Best brands kind of depend on the type of gun. Are you looking for the same type of gun as the CA got?
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