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  1. Hi, thanks for aswering. No I havn't used oil to clean/lube my innetbarrel and hop up bucking and yeah it's the stock 2gx one. I believe it's called 2g hop up bucking. Any ideas?
  2. I got a KWA km4 (2gx) and noticed that whenever I don't shoot for a while (45 mins) the hop up seems to stop working. So when I start shooting, the bb's drop after about 30 meters. However after a couple of rapid follow up shots, the range is doubled, and the bb's fly straight. I therefor always have to shoot multiple shots in quick succession for the bb's to reach their normal flight path. I have already checked the bucking, and everything seemed to be fine. Has anybody else had the same problem? Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? Thanks Ian
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