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  1. alright thx ill order that. Ill have the build done in 2-3 weeks when all the stuff arrives, ill make sure to send a link to a vid of the finished project. Thanks all of you guys for your patience and helping me out it is very much appreciated.
  2. idk its not that hard to do and it definitely doesnt hurt. Ill probably end up getting the shs high torque 16 tpa. Also how much compression loss are we talking with a 345mm barrel does it only effect fps or does it cause other issues. what do you recommend then? Like around $50
  3. k well I ended up getting shs 18:1 gears shs dsg shs pre lightened piston that I will still lighten more shs cylinder head and m160 spring so im wonder whats a good motor to go with this because I got this a&k gr300 off craigslist for 45$ but was missing motor. Ive been looking at high torques but cant seem to find their tpa, is the ics a good option because its the cheapest.
  4. even if they are not compatible I will just trim the barrel that comes stock in the gun
  5. in your opinion what is the best barrel length because I have this old jg bar 10 barrel thats like 400mm that I can cut to whatever length I want
  6. hey so I figured out the barrel im going to be using is 363mm can I run a dsg with that? And if not can I put a shorter inner barrel in a longer outer barrel without affecting preformance. Or should I just go SSG with speed motor.
  7. and what do you rexkon is that line is in terms of rps for dsg because I don't want to be riding it I want a reliable gun even if it cost me a few rps.
  8. well I said ssg were relatively straightforward. since im now going to be doing this build on the scar the barrel is going to be around 200-300mm and im aiming for 350fps at max because thats limit of course
  9. yea your probably right I didnt know guarder had different spring ratings so, it probably would be cheaper to do a dsg build. So now the question is should I buy the cheaper shs dsg or the more expensive siegetek, should I get 16 or 18:1 and since im going dsg lets shoot for a higher rps lets say 55. Sure dsg are harder to build but ill figure it out, if I mess up ill just rip apart the gun again entel I get everything right. I already have 13:1 on the way I might be able to return them but could I do a 13:1 dsg build. I will be doing this on my second gun so you know part of the fun comes out of the puzzle trying to build the thing correctly.
  10. m130 is a little high I recommend looking at that utube link I sent the guy was using a very similar build but a m110 or 100 I dnt remember with a 2t short stroke. I dnt see the point in a higher fps spring when your going to take 4-5 gears off you would just be better off getting a dsg. Besides a heavier spring will put more stress on the gears/motor that guys build worked fine with a m110 spring or 100 at 50rps with 2t shortstroke, 4-5t short stroke is way to much. If he can do it I dnt see why ppl are making a ssg40+ so difficult when the guy has all the parts you need listed in the description, I dnt see how u could go wrong. Since I already bought the 13:1 gears im leaning toward the ssg build but I might be able to still return them, and get a dsg but idk if a dsg is really worth it like are you going to really find 60rps more fun than 40rps I mean there comes a point where it looks like a lazer either way. look at the youtube link attached to the comment u replied to he has a ssg 50rps with a m110 spring. He also has all the parts listed in description so I dnt see why 40 would be that hard to get when this guy is reaching 50rps with a very similar setup. Yes he does have a high speed motor though but still is 40 really going to be a stretch with my motor? I mean my guns shooting around 25-27 rps and once I install mosfet and deans I hear combined its like a +3rps so lets say im currently at 29rps with what im prtty sure stock g&g gears are 18:1 and lets pretend the 13:1 are 12:1 for the sake of simplicity. The 12:1 shoot 1.33x faster than the 18:1 so once I have them installed it should look like this equation: 29 x 1.33= Roughly 38.5rps and this is with a piston thats not short stroked or swiss cheesed. So im almost certain 40rps wont be an issue and if I end up buying a high speed motor it will be easy.
  11. thats why I was thinking about trading mp5k for scar and not messing with m4, but this isnt rocket science ive done my research watched a few hrs worth of tutorials and in all honesty it really doesnt look as hard as most of the ppl on forums make it out to be. ill short stroke then. ? My cylinder is unported
  12. well ive been using the 11.1 on my g&g motor for a while now and its not showing anysignd of burning out. and if I did get the shs dsg would the g&g motor do the job because I dnt want to droo $50 for new motor. well ive been using the 11.1 on my g&g motor for a while now and its not showing anysignd of burning out. and if I did get the shs dsg would the g&g motor do the job because I dnt want to droo $50 for new motor.
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