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  1. Hey everyone, Finally got my new motor grip from RedWolf and when testing with my FireFox 1300mah 30C battery on the app, shooting semi with my active braking turned off completely, it seems to show it pulling 15-20A and the odd spike to 20-25A. It doesn't seem like the motor grip is getting as hot anymore. Is this a typical current draw for my setup? Thanks again for everyone's help, it really did help. Sorry about all the questions, just don't have the money right now to send it to a tech 6 hours away.
  2. Is that fine or should you stop shooting when it gets warm to the touch as I've never really gotten an answer to that... sorry about all the questions
  3. Okay, I had to order a new pistol grip from red wolf due to the motor plate cracking, so I will do it when that arrives! With the motor getting hot to the point where I can feel it through the grip after semi, is that okay or no?
  4. Alright, so it's best to just get the Airsoft Logic batteries I noted before?
  5. Sorry about that, I should said get a better battery in general, such as switching my Turnigy 15-25C 1000mah buffer battery for an Airsoft Logic 30-60c 1450mah buffer battery. Also will most likely get the Tienly GT 35000 motor as well.
  6. That is why I short stroked the gear by 2 teeth initially. So by my understanding I just need to turn off motor braking and get a better C rated battery, correct?
  7. So even though my piston stays at a compressed position after semi, it will be better? I was told to get a Tienly GT35000 motor lol
  8. I use minimum braking on my BTC as if I don't my piston completes a cycle and still comes back some. The battery I was testing with was a 30c lipo btw. Although I had the exact same setup and nothing different with a FireStorm System mosfet installed and the motor didn't heat up as quickly as my BTC is making it. Any other ideas? Was also looking at the Modify MPI 22TPA Motor if it's any good.
  9. Yea, when I first got my piston I did do that check and it slid just fine lol. Now still looking for a motor recommendation.
  10. What Motor would you recommend to get to keep my high speed? I always read High Torque is better than high speed motors. I live in Canada so some parts may not be as easy to find. Also, the Firefox was just a test battery, the normal batteries I run like I said were the Turnigy 15-25c 1000mah buffer tube batteries, so in that case guessing I have to get a higher discharge buffer battery as well?
  11. Thanks for the reply... I have Turnigy 1000mah LiPo's, however they are only 15-25c. The Firefox battery was a PEQ that I only used for testing and it was 1300mah. Currently the internals of my gearbox are as follows: 1. G&P O Ring Aluminum Nozzle 2. SHS Tappet Plate SHS Dual O Ring Cylinder Head, teflon taped, 70D 3/16" Sorbo and neo pad added 3. SHS Ported Cylinder 4. Element Ported Aluminum Ball Bearing Piston Head 5. SHS Piston, Swiss Cheesed, Short Stroked 2 teeth 6. SHS M110 Spring 7. Element Ball Bearing Spring Guide 8. SHS 13:1 Gears, Sector has a delayer chip and Swiss cheesed 2 teeth 9. SHS 8mm Steel Bushings 10. SHS High Torque Motor Gearbox is Radius'd, and the gears are shimmed to spin freely with gearbox screwed together, very little up and down movement and not scraping on each other. Let me know if any other info is needed. Thanks again!
  12. So I installed a BTC Spectre Mk.II in my high speed (~32rps) build M4 and I was using a FireFox 30c 11.1v LiPo. Although, I am having the problem of the motor getting very warm after a few shots and bursts of full auto. I don't think this is normal and would anyone know what is wrong? If so what would I need to get, a new motor (currently using SHS High Torque) or a 30-60c high discharge LiPo or is it something else?
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