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  1. Hi I am looking for a bit of advice after running into trouble on my first build, basically after only about 100 rounds my piston broke on full auto, when I took it apart the first metal gear closest to the piston head had snapped off along with the front of the piston. I have been reading lots of forums but still unsure if I have PME or some other issue as all the other teeth on the gears and piston look ok and if I did have PME I thought it would be the other end of the piston which would suffer. Or have I just been unlucky and had a bad piston which broke up ? Gun is a G36C Piston was a Guarder Piston and Head with only one metal tooth SHS 13:1 gears – shimmed with selector chip installed High torque Motor Rewired with 16g wire ABB Mosfet SP110 spring On 7.4V Lipo ROF when I tested was around 33rps I am not to worried about the ROF but would like it up around 25 and need to keep the FPS below 350. I would also like to try and avoid short stroking if possible (just do not want to go their). Any ideas why the piston broke up or was this just a dud? and what I need to do to avoid this happening again? should I go back to 18:1 or 16:1 gears or would this still give me a PME issue with this set up Sorry for all the questions
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