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  1. I left for a year.. back.. but.. I don't think I'll stay around Happy trails
  2. Options... Tippmann Model 98 or 98 Custom Tippmann procarbine.. another popular starter gun I've had lets list some brands.. Brass eagle (viewloader) Spyder Tippmann Lets just say, I'm going to stick with a tippmann from now on, Both the spyder and Brass eagle show'd signs of internal wear Spyder for speedball, thats a no brainer If you want to use a tippmann 98 custom for speedball, and decide to put in a response trigger, remember, response triggers are not allowed for tourny play I'd say.. Tippmann 98 Custom Scott mask/goggles 12 OZ CO2 Thats really all you need, if you buy the 98 "starter" package you'll get.. 98 Custom 9 oz CO2 Scott goggles/mask Hopper Squeegee Basicly "add paint and your ready"
  3. Right, woodsball can (and usually is) a type of scenario game, where as you use tree's and other natural barriers (the occasional wire spool) along with some man made bunker type area's for cover. I prefer woodsball, since, IMO it is more similar to airsoft, just with better guns...
  4. Das Boot, but its not on the list
  5. Like stated above, most spring "shotguns" are more of a regular rifle Hardballers etc will only shoot one bb, can can pump it "multiple" times before shooting, but thus, your FPS (speed of projectile) will be far.. far. less Hopefully you understand
  6. They still produce heat. Use them at your own risk? maybe that would be a better way to say what I mean they definatly do LOOK cool, but this adds another expense.. and more clean up
  7. WOW now THAT IS interesting! considering I found this from another one of your topics.. Are you just giving us a bunch of bs or are you referencing two different guns? BTW that quote was found from http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Marui-Ch...tic-t34073.html Post number 5
  8. FYI your scratching your hopup with the POS bb's you've been using.. just my .02
  9. Speedball with a tippmann... that should be interesing :) Definatly try woodsball and keep your neck low I.e don't look up to the sky when playing... had a friend get shot in the 'apple
  10. Alot of fireworks related places usually sell "pull" type smoke bombs, I would not recommend using them in a woods situation though Pull the string and let'er fly
  11. Ok, here's my time to chime in I've been paintballing since 4th grade... WHAT type of game style do you plan on doing? Speedball? Woodsball? That would severly narrorw your results also, any tourney play? Speedball.. Used sypder Woodsball.. Tippmann 98 custom OR pro carbine, stay away from the A-5, it may look cool, but "cyclone" feed is a to clean out, and the front support handle gets uncomfortable Also, if you get a 98, and you want to upgrade to a response trigger, remember, that a response trigger is NOT allowed for tourney play with that said, you should be set oh one more thing, as far as paint.. DIABLO dusk, around 12$ for 500 at wally world, best "cheap" paint otherwise, you can find cases (2000) for as low as 25 dollars Don't forget, CO2 tanks unless you plan on using an HPA tank.. Black'Jack BTW guys don't Worrie about CO2 tanks "exploding" they have a copper or brass "crump" deal in them, so then pressure = alot, that busts allowing the gas to excape also YOU WILL NOT get frost bite from the C02 tank, trust me, I've paintballed for over.. man.. how long.. 8 years
  12. I'd have to say that its up to you, the sky's the limit to how much you want to spend.. HFC makes some cheap (but decent, I may add) spring pistols, not extremely accurate but I'm not sure what your needs exactly are UHC makes alot of the HFC models, but from my personal expereince, their quality is lacking..
  13. Tokyo marui ak-47 beita spetnaz if your looking for an aeg with which you can use a bipod with, TM can also suit your needs there also
  14. Just a quick question, what brand bb's have you been using and of what weight? that could be a start to why you might be having problems, I haven't owned a spring toyko marui BUT I have and currently own one of their aeg's with fantastic results BlackJack
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