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  1. Seems a friend of mine is gunna be selling out all his airsoft gear to me and another co-worker. Making this thread, ironically self solved. It's not anything super amazing, but still. For a start. Helping a friend will be preferred, and incidentally will be giving me an short Barrel AR as suggested. Thank you kindly for assisting me with your advice.
  2. With about 600 dollars, and patience to spare to get things done right. I'd love some help. As I've kept my eye on many items. Read reviews that have helped steer me away from some choices, and regrettably find flaws in what otherwise would have been the main choice, but be a horrible start to getting fully submersed into airsoft. Background. I'm very patient, quick and athletic. I love to shoot and get results, but also can enjoy the rush of being in close. I love anything with a wood handle, or of German aesthetics. Especially Mausers. But I am competitive and hate to drag any team I'm in down. I'm tempted to go for a good sniper, and really let my patience shine. I'm not afraid of upgrading or working and tinkering. I'm fairly confident in that. At the same time, I'd need a gun to deal with close range engagements as they will assuredly happen. Which is what drew my eye to the RWA KG-9... Just... Something draws my eye to it. It's light... Sleek... A mean pistol like look to it. But worried the range may be my downfall. I am looking to play mostly outdoors folks. Heck, I'd probably love to run pistols only. even if I have to play medic and spotter roles. Running is probably my greatest asset, and I love to work with teammates. Well enough of that. Should I take a few hits and roll in with a good close-mid range gun so that eventually I can set it as my secondary? Or should I jump deep into the passions of shooting far and long, and use my legs to run when people get in close? Some advice from experienced people would be grand.
  3. Hello all. I'm fairly new to airsoft, used to play paint-ball, I also love fencing, swordsmanship, swords... and of course guns. I am down by New York, and hope to learn more here to make this a hobby that stays with me for years to come.
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