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  1. hiya guys.... pardon me if I put this in wrong section, but my stupid behauviour made me lose hop up wrench for my unit, it's kjw m9a1 CO2 ver (eventho I use GG heheheh), so I wanna find replacement for the allen key but I have no idea the size of it
  2. I'm sorry for my rudeness for not replying, my unit works flawlessly last game so I'm exhausted and haven't replied, haven't chrono but my friend said it working well when he borrow it and thanks guges, just dodge a bullet back then, maybe I should stock on SHS or some rational priced gear set for spare
  3. he doesn't said impossible tho, but he said he got to filed down some part, he showed me a guarder shell for example he fit modify modular gear set, and I think I should find another shell instead grinding it my bad, for word of choice thanks for chamber fitting tips, and gearbox back shimming ones, gotta try that one, for gearbox, maybe I'll pass, don't wanna mess with this one any further hehehe, I still feel bad for messing it before
  4. maybe I should put shim on the back of gearbox to make it need less to be tighten as what I see it feel about going upward for forward part and I'm afraid it make the nozzle punching upper wall of chamber and push the chamber forward and thanks everyone, but one more question, what else you do to keep your chamber pushed against gearbox and I will reconsider to change the gearset, or the motor for torque one, but my tech said my v2 reinforced gearbox is having limit option for gear set
  5. found the problem with the fps loss, haven't chrono it tho, but I test with poor man's one and it cannot even gone through the side wall, but I found the chamber forward spring doesn't play and the chamber gone too forward and I suspect the huge leak going through there, after I reposition the spring , it sit right on the front of gearbox and can shoot through the can flawlessly (maybe I should make poor nerd's chrono with dust-catching-arduino) and I've taken apart the gearbox, and measure the weight of the piston with head on it, it's SHS 14t piston (that I suspect to be fake) which I short stroke 1 teeth, file down 3rd and weight exactly 20gr , change back the motor to stock due the GnP pinion is sheet, and I cannot replace it yet
  6. I learn it with bitter way but the bevel one that got hit, I read the forum too late and they says alot PE culprit is 3s battery and 3s is what I got with secondhand unit, gonna save up to get 2s as I haven't even got mosfet for 3s yeah I suspect it too, but is it still sufficient for 120-class spring? and *sigh* I forgot to open forum as last night I just open my gearbox to check compression and didn't measure the piston weight
  7. none taken, I've change the motor because the stock one start smoking even running without load, at first I'm gonna put it back at first but it getting worst, so I keep using G&P one and prowin, my stock chamber c-clip broke and I like prowin for it's nub placement compared to stock, and last time I checked chrono before I messed everything up it reach 380-379 with 0.2 stock spring, I just reseat the bucking last night and found uneven seating in chamber, but haven't chronoed it since and for piston, I used it with stock spring with g&p motor for one game, so I dunno if it because stock spring or the shs is the culprit the last chrono is result between 317 - 320 (after changing piston), before messing around with piston, I shot with m120 and found it leave marks more deeper in target paper I'm gonna experiment again this weekend with stock spring, and if the shs is proven a lemon, it's looks like time to get another M120 and btw... is 110+ from modify enough to avoid PE??? but my motor still able to push it and not put my MB in stress too much? my battery is GE power 2200v 20C lipo 3S
  8. thanks for respond I doesn't get what is double bearing system, but if it mean 2 bearing as one in spring guide and one in the piston head, yeah I got that and I change piston not for upgrading but, because the stock piston teeth are heavily worn, as I knew I'm just taking risk using a steel rack againts sector gear just check paper over chamber hole and it didn't flew away, just shaken by gearbox vibration, but I did it in semi and put another bb one by one, am I doing it right?
  9. hi guys, I'm new in this hobby and I just trying to tinkering around my AEG until found fatal fault several days back so, I got second hand unit dboys casv which with my ignorant I just put a stronger spring (M120) to fill my ego after put m120 G&P custom hi-speed motor (I was stupid back then) several days after I'm about to replace nozzle, I realize original dboys piston teeth in horrible condition, still able to works but heavy worn so I get shs piston 14 t full metal rack and put back original dboys spring, it caused lock up several times but cleared by firing it in burst (the 3rd gear haven't filed down) and it caused catastrophic result with bevel teeth broke down now the gun been reassemble after getting new bevel gear, put back m120 spring and still having lock up even tho it's rare occasion which required me to reach AR latch to reset it, and when I chrono'ed it, it result just 320fps (380fps when I haven't mess with GB with anything on stock) is it pre-enggagement so I having fps loss that much? or anything else I messed up, or should I file down the last piston teeth? my unit spec: inbar stock gnp bucking military action nozzle (got good compression with this cheap nozzle but not tight either to move) prowin chamber dboys casv gear set stock (except the bevel one) assume 18:1 shs 14t piston m120 supershooter spring g&p hi-speed m120 motor
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