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  1. What grenades should I get that I can reuse and will hold up. I was thinking about Thunder B's because the airsoft course near me considers them frags but sometimes I see people not calling their hits when the thunder b goes off. Also I looked at the cyclone and saw that them breaking after only 1 use was rather often.
  2. Hi, I'm an airsoft noob who is buying his first permanent gear. I'm getting a AceTech AT1000 tracer because why the :censored2: not and was wondering it could fit on my CM16 by G&G and my Umarex Walther Gen 2 P99. Also, does it matter that the threads in your gun and tracer add up. I believe they do matter but I'm a noob so I feel that I should ask. Thanks in advance!
  3. I have around $200 for an AEG and have been looking at getting a Combat Machine m4 but I am looking for some more experienced opinions before I buy it. I'm planning on buying a decent red dot and vertical grip but no internals so please don't comment about guns that need an extra $100 of internals. Also, I know this is the most common barrel threads but my tracer is 14 CCW so I would prefer that the guns barrel is 14 CCW as well. Thanks in Advance!
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