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  1. I want to make sure I get this right. I have to keep in the 350fps range. So M100-M110 is as high as I can go. I want have the fastest rate of fire possible since I go on semi only fields. With the ZCI and the SHS or stock gears, is 7.4v as high as I can go to avoid destroying parts? How bad is the wear on the box/gears/piston if I use the precocking mode?
  2. Gotcha I bit the bullet and ordered the ZCI and a 7.4v. We'll see what happens. In the future if I wanted to would I be able to put in a 110 or 120 spring with the new setup?
  3. Damn. Yes it does get warm. I can't return the battery or the motor. I also bought a M110 and M120 spring. Would that help at all? Out of curiosity what power spring would I have to use to use an 11.1 with standard gears? Do you know why when I plug my 9.6v 1600mah nimh in the motor vibrates 3 times and won't fire with the titan? I appreciate your help.
  4. Are you saying I should use a different spring or a different motor and battery? Would changing the gears back to standard fix my problem?
  5. I have a very old ICS mp5. I upgraded the gears, motor, and spring to match today's semi auto only fields. Also a Gate Titan and a 11.1V lipo. I used a Tienly GT-45,000, SHS 12:1 gears(shimmed), Systema M100 spring. The gun started acting funny right off the bat with it only letting fire 3-4 shots before it would stop registering my trigger pull and making me wait a second or two. It would do this over and over again. When I tried two round burst it will fire 3-4 rounds instead and 3 rnd would do 4 or 5. Again it will randomly stop firing. After 200 rnds testing the thing it wouldn't fire anymore. I opened it up and the ICS Elite Aluminum piston has a big chunk ripped off and 8 of the 15 teeth are destroyed. What is going on with this thing?
  6. I have a KWA 18C with metal slide, 1 standard mag, and 1 extended mag. It needs to TLC and possibly some parts. I haven't used it in like 10 years. I remember the semi working fine but with full auto it fails to return to battery. I heard it may just be a hammer spring and need some lube. I assume these are hard to find these days and was wondering what an appropriate value to ask for when selling.
  7. I guess I'll ask in a different way: What spring/motor/battery with 229mm barrel and Guarder Bore Up Kit to get 350 fps out of the MP5K? Should I take the motor out of my ICS and put it in here? What spring/motor/battery with standard A4 length barrel, Guarder Bore Up Kit, Gate Titan MOSFET, for the fastest semi-auto fire around 350-400 FPS?
  8. Yea, but this was in 06 or 07. They may have put other things in it too, I just can't remember it was so long ago.
  9. I would be firing semi only. When I bought the mp5k from Redwolf when they had upgrade options. I chose the "durability upgrade". They put steel gears in. Here is the ICS, I don't know what the QD lower is. Link for battery? Link for motors?
  10. It's been over 10 years and I'm trying to get back into airsoft. I actually called my Mom back home to find my old stuff and ship it to me. I have a TM MP5K and a ICS MP5A4. I wanted to know what my upgrade options are for them. A lot of the posts that I find for the mp5 are years old. I want to get the mp5k at around 350 fps. Skys the limit with the A4. I haven't gotten the guns in yet but I think I put a EJ1000 motor in the K and had redwolf airsoft put metal gears in. In addition I remember putting a longer barrel on the mp5k that was hidden by a mock silencer. What's lipo doing these days for airsoft? Any direction on upgrading these guns? The field I normally go to would allow semi only and only allows 350 fps but I can use a TM muzzle reducer if I go over, I would like to be able to have a fast ROF in semi. Converting to Polarstar is too much $$$.
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