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  1. I've been using the same M4 for a few years now and I'm looking into replacing it with another AR-15 style AEG for around 150 USD. I recently came across the Classic Army HK416 Sportline AEG and would like to ask your guys' opinions on it. Would you recommend it and is it worth the price? Thanks!
  2. I am looking for a longer inner barrel for my KSC Glock 34 but I cannot find any that are made specifically for KSC glocks. There are however, a lot of TM glock barrels that are of the desired length. Are the TM barrels compatible with KSC glocks? If not, are the barrels made for other KSC guns (vector, USP, etc) compatible with the glock series? Thanks!
  3. How about trigger response? I assume that because of the increased RoF, the trigger response and semi auto RoF would be better as well.
  4. Me and my friends were playing trouble in terrorist town at out local airsoft field. I didn't have a tac knife so my friend let me use a suppressor as a melee weapon. I managed to kill a guy walking around a corner but his friend behind him unloaded the mag of his HiCapa 5.1 onto me. Anyone else have any funny moments like this to share?
  5. I have a S&T (elite force) UMP 45 competition version and am getting a backup battery. Which one will lead to a higher RoF and better trigger response, a 9.6v 1100mah or an 8.4v 1600mah NiMH battery. Thanks!
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