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  1. Well, This is my M4 https://photos.app.goo.gl/wimrsI0w5zE5or4Y2 And I get my barrel and its 390mm size. with the suppressor I have max 500mm the question its if I keep the size 390mm using 6.03 or maybe a long one? and what size.. maybe 455mm gun its hooting at 381 using 0.2g bbs and I am using the best one we have in brazil.. its a good bbs
  2. I have a M4A1 from Cyma, right now I am using the stock inner barrel 390mm 6.08 Wanna add a new 6.03 barrel but I don't know what is the best length that I can use. Just add a suppressor so I have space for a long barret... 500mm MAX. Any advice how can I know what is the best size I can use??
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