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  1. I play airsoft, I'm new to it though. I use standard aeg airsoft rifles. Airsoft is fun but this, will be used for my range training. I train with ar15 rifles, Akm type rifles etc. I now want to train with a realistic airsoft rifle, because real ammo and firearms are expensive lol. And you can't actually shoot back at someone when training. I'm looking for a replica m4 training type airsoft rifle. To simulate my Ar15s. Do you Guys know of any good ones out there? For a good price? Don't really wanna pay as much as a real ar15 would cost ($400-$500) for a airsoft rifle. I heard the best ones for a realistic m4 replica, is a green gas airsoft rifle. Is that correct ? Because some replicate recoil about as much as a 22lr rifle? Also, features I'm looking for ... -FULL METAL HOUSING (UPPER AND LOWER RECIEVER) -OPERATIONAL FORWARD ASSIST -OPERATIONAL BOLT CATCH AND BOLT RELEASE -OPERATIONAL CHARGING HANDLE -BOLT LOCKS OPEN ONCE MAG IS EMPTY -SEMI, SAFE AND FULL AUTO FIRE -ANY RAIL THAT ALLOWS A FOWARD GRIP (MLOK, KEYMOD,QUAD RAIL) EVEN BETTER IF IT ALREADY COMES WITH A FOWARD GRIP -TOP RAIL, TO ALLOW AN OPTIC TO BE ATTACHED -REALISTIC RECOIL, IF POSSIBLE CLOSE TO A 22LR ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED. ?
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