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  1. Hey guys, so let me quickly explain what I am trying to achieve. I have a Burst Wizard 3 MOSFET that allows me to set magazine capacity; when I'm out, the gun stops shooting. Now it is important to me that I'm able to reload before I'm 'out' of ammo, and reset the counter. I can install a micro switch to the BW3 to achieve this, however the micro switch would only work in plug-and-play (not hardwired and therefore no protection for my trigger switch). I've been told that another way to do it is to apply a micro switch to my AEG's battery rather than the mosfet, using a 'heavy duty switch', allowing to cutoff power from battery to aeg and thereby reset the counter. I have no experience at all how this would work, though... My question is: Does anyone know how such a setup would work; how would I connect a heavy duty switch to my AEGs battery to temporarily cut off power... Anyone got any experience with this?
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