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  1. Who here is familiar with them? I just bought the ME Pro from maxx's website and I'm having feeding issues. Shoots one every other shot, This goes on for about 20 rounds. ONLY THE FIRST 20 ROUNDS have this issue. I learned if I only load 75 percent of my mag this won't happen. Air nozzle issues?? Please, any suggestions appreciated. The gun in question is an old king arms colt m4 moe magpul. 11 plus years old.
  2. Anyone replace anything on these guns yet? I notice mine doesn't shoot accurately past 30 ft. Not sure if this is common for airsoft hand guns but I'd like more accuracy. What is this gun compatible with regarding barrel, hop up?
  3. Update, shoots 400 fps now, I can shoot a 12 inch post at 200 ft around 5/10 times. I had to put a mosfet in it since I burned the contacts using the 11.1 lipo. The mosfet was made in house at a local airsoft store. Nothing fancy.
  4. Okay guys srry for the late response, I havent been able to get on this forum for like 3 months. anyway after doing tons of research I finally opened the mech box, replaced the no. 14 oring on the piston head, replaced the oring on the cylinder head. my compression at first was so bad, that when I plugged the cylinder port, the piston would just fall into the cylinder with nothing more than gravity. so I fixred my compression issue, checked it with air nozzle and tappet plate in place and damn is that compression nice. just put it all back together. nothing else in that mech box has been changed out. however I do have my hop up chamber over at z custom airsoft for an rhop mod with a pdi 6.05 509 mm barrel. also, as of a few weeks ago this gun only shot 330 fps. so hopefully I'll see not only a huge consistency increase, but also atleast over 350 fps. I would like this gun shooting some where close to 400 fps. I wil use g and g bb's from now on. what can I expect for accuracy and range?
  5. Okay so after some research I know that the best things for accuracy is the barrel, hop up and chamber along with dyi mods. Unfortunately I havent found any forum pages dedicated to my m14 so I have questions for anyone who has modified their m14's. which dyi mods did you do? which barrel would be recommended for the m14 ebr long, and which hop up chamber, nub, arm and bucking is best? I am content with the 370 fps, I like having the versatility of close combat gaming. as of now this thing is super decent up until around 130-150 feet
  6. Hey guys I'm Tony. I just started playing recently and realized im going to blow my life savings on this hobby. Anyways I just played my first actual game last week, it was firestorm vi or iv in Michigan. The best time I had in a while. The adrenaline rush involved is nearly incomparable. My friend let me use his G and G m14 EBR and I realized I really like the DMR game style. I played the role of sneaky sniper, bear crawled my way halfway through a swamp most the time just to catch the tail end of our team moving up. Oh well. Anyways I'm hoping to join a hard dedicated group somewhere in chicago area...So theres that. Hey also, if anyone is reading this and plans on going to wasteland 2017 CPX hit me up! We can start a team. Cool.
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