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  1. I thought so too...which ak74 gbb would you recommend expect the ghk one
  2. Is this gun good and would you recommend it?
  3. Today I called the shop I got the gun from and they said to bring the gun so they can see whats wrong...it turned out that the slide was faulty so they gave me new gun...this one cycles smoothly all the time...anyways thanks for the help buddy
  4. Yes it sticks with and without the grip...what I meant is that the internals are working fine
  5. Yes but I have to hold a small spring so it doesn't fall out
  6. Well...everything seems to be working fine
  7. http://imgur.com/a/UlTvwOne more thing...when I hold the trigger and pull the slide it cycles smoothly all the time. We m9 slide https://imgur.com/gallery/HeEga
  8. https://youtu.be/V8RBdQ9CECs Sorry I had to post it on youtube...
  9. I think its the old type...the box says we m92 not m9a1...and it is chrome version
  10. How hard should it be to pull the we m92 slide back...I'm new to this sport and I just got my first gun and when I pull the slide at first it goes smoothly but half way it kinda stucks so I have to use little bit of force...everything else works fine, gun shoots flawlessly but I want to know should racking the slide be smooth or the stucking part is how it's supposed to be.
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