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  1. Have a tm high high cycle bone stock 2000 plus cyclic, a hotter lipo 4oc burst battery and she cranks well over 3k. Sounds like a baby Vulcan.. fun as all git....But I'm sure I've hurt it the few times I threw the big batt in.
  2. don't know if my 552 551 sigs receivers are interchangeable never tried. I will look next time I'm tinkering.Mags from 556 to my other 5 series won't swap. And referenceing another's comments. Yes the 556 does have a day night flip forward post at least mine does.
  3. Well I am new in the forums but been involved with airsoft since my army days when we started useing clones both in 6mm and 43 cal . I have a reasonably decent multi generation collection of airsoft. Even a few achcch gag m4/m16s... real world hatred I've carried into airsoft lol. My weapons have seen the ultimate torture test, my kids and their children as well plus a crazy eyed grandpa.... honestly the most impressive, performance/price point/ cool point I have ever bought is my recent purchase of an csi star xr5. For 112. Bucks shipped this darn thing rocks .. its sexy, its unique, it has thus far proven quite durable and reasonably accurate and decent range. And 8 year old proof. I have tortured it with an 11.1 no fet it has already seen rain and just recently some 30 to 40 degree play with some drops. At the price I've been flat stupid to this weapon and allowed the grands to treat it like a U.K. Arms pump no hop shotgun. And it is still ticking. And it just begs for some sort of total makeover. And demands I switch up my battle dress to some master chief full metal cosplay outfit. It is absolutely the hands down funniest :pain: eating grin toy we have ever had in this house.. will be buying several more.
  4. I have the cyber cyma actualy (jp) I believe. Have had it about 3 years. With the stock 8.4 nigh it was a dog. Misfires lazy inconsistent fps on auto it chugged like a support weapon rather than a rock n roller. but generally accurate. And reliable feeding and never a jam. And impressively durable grand kids have banged the snot out it. One issue if accididently running crap bbs one shatter will smoke the bucking. When new went thru maybe 1000 1200 rounds before it got seriously rattly. Minute you get it do a full d c r ... once tighten and loc titled it has held together solidly . the forward load battery is a pain in the Arse. And the stock feed wires will degrade rapidly under heavy use. Go up at three least gauges . And get a peq batt box. I finally switched to a 11.1 lipo and holy smoke did it wake up. Shame on me I didn't fet it for maybe 5k rounds but when I did the contacts were still good. Of course I've found on my varying cybers that auto with solid fire control is far less harmful than semi. Don't ask why I'm not a tech. Imho I'd give the weapon a thumbs up at fair price, so long as you have basic mechanical skills and a willingness to tear down and tighten it up. By fair price I'd say 100 150 used with all goodies included. I can't attest to the 556 after sitting for extended period but my other sigs have spent extended time in the locker with no problems. I love my 556 it is my got to back 40 toy. Between me my kids and grands this thing has tossed easily 40k rounds. It is the one the entire family wants to use, even over the Tokyo Marui high cycle I have. I run .23 in my sigs only Chrono I have is a phone app but it says 346 to 353 354 consistently and with the 11.1 it is cycling at 18 to 21 rps. I have not had one single misfire or feed issue since upgrade if the battery... my piston gear is starting to show its age, but I can't say that upgrading the battery has actualy sped up its decline. One note I think it's a jp but I did have have some mystery paperwork in the box in German and it is a very low serial number. I may have have gotten a reboxed lost in the whse for years unit. Also it hasn't met an m4 mag yet it wouldn't accept, just have to tape em to lock them in the well better. The 556 mag well is a tad sloppy.
  5. . Ahh yes I figured that part out, on cybergun, I misstated somewhat. I like the cyber licensed just for the collection display, and yard fun. for the field toys I look for something close to real but practical. Or just wild and cool like the csi star x five.., and yes I didn't intend for answers on anything here. I'll post in as close to the appropriate forum as possible. Was more a generality statement. I will say that my cyber cyma 556 is a pretty impressive unit though.. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for the hello
  6. Well I have come along years after some of my toys were the rage ,...Quite disappointed at the dearth of genuinely useful info on mod parts, or videos that actualy get nuts and and bolt on any of my personal faves. The grandkids with their call of duty impregnated minds I can find tech on their weapons.I've been thru most of the sight and the majority of store sights and for the most part, none of my preferred weapons are covered well. Well none of my modern era weapons. Some ww2 vintage are covered well. Of course I'm an odd duck I'm retired ranger sd/sw operator. And have carried my weapons bias into airsoft. For real steal I used varying sig's for a field weapon, the m10 or Brit l85, as a dmr despise the 556 round and the m4 in particular ( airsoft non issue but the full metal licensed are close enough in feel and balance that some tweaking and I'm mr grins.). urban and building clearing was a situational choice buety of a real m10 instant swap from field dmr light support or cq if not those an hk... wasn't a sniper but had the basic training and was quite fond of the dragunov/svd when the brass wasn't looking, which generally they preferred to pretend we cowboys didn't exist except when our special brand of crazy was required lol, we sd/sw guys chose their own loadouts ..So airsoft wise I'll only run full metal licensed rigs. For a few years now I've just back yard back 40 battled with my kids, grand kids , friends and not worried about pepping any up, beyond basic maintenance and tighten up tricks. Well the grands are older and have turned into one finely tuned squad, and want to start a team with me and moms dads when not deployed included.they've been doing some organized sight stuff for a while now. Well short of it I refuse I repeat refuse to hump an m4/16 but true tech info part info is pathetically thin in the us on the sig 556 or .the springer svd . So any info or direction into parts mods or foreign sites sources would be incredibly appreciated. I've scavenged this site and used the kids and grans weapons as quinea pigs, now it's time for gramps to raise the price of admission..... evil grin. Mods feel free to move this to wherever is most appropriate.
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