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  1. Ah, that's good to know, I'll have to try that and see how she performs. Sadly I'll have to wait until I either make or order a new nub for my hop up (lost it.....).
  2. Everything I read online mentioned replacing the stock barrel with a tightbore barrel. After putting it to use yesterday, I noticed a lot of inconsistency with the shots. I could never get the hopup just right, or the spring in the bolt. Once I got it to a somewhat acceptable range, I would still get it curving to the left or right, and my last few shots would have hardly any gas left, so reloading that magizine was usually pointless on the field. I'm just kind of stuck as to what I should be doing, and having trouble finding anyone would good experience on gas bolt actions that can give me any good advice.
  3. Hi! I bought the kjw m700 a while back and never really used it. Now I'm trying to get back into airsoft, looking for upgrades for the gun, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a few specifics. The first question is regarding taking off the orange tip to use an adapter. This model doesn't have the front sight, or the screws, so I haven't been able to find good information for taking it off on my model. The second question is in regards to barrel length. I'm hoping someone knows the exact length for the take down model, and what brands I should check out for a replacement. Any other recommendations for good upgrades would also be greatly appreciated.
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