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  1. I just want to consistently hit my target at 200 -250 feet
  2. Right ok so then what can I do to make it better.
  3. Ok will do but what is a good brand for a TBB.
  4. Yes sir it was gross lol and I'm running .43 bbs
  5. Which is why I'm on here asking you guys questions. I know very little about it and am trying to learn more as I go. But all I know it now when I shoot it the bb won't be consistent I know it ant me the thing is sitting on a bench.
  6. What about a tight bore barrel? And who makes a good hop up bucking.
  7. Well right now I don't mind spending the money. I like the rifle I have and want to up grade it. I just put in a spring and piston kit. It had 450ish fps stock. But now when I try to a just the hop up it go's up even with the hop up adjusted all the way out it go up. I'm shooting the .2 6mm bbs. I will be using .43 in game tho. But I can't see them to a just. What is the best up grades I can do to get the best accuracy.
  8. Ok I'm new to airsoft I love to snipe so I got the mbo8. I though I would have better range and accuracy then 100 feet. Iv read up on better barrels better hop up chamber, and upgrades to the bolt. But I don't know of what the good brands are or what I can really do to get the longest more accurate shot. What do you guys sagjest?
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