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  1. As I stated in another post I am getting into AS pistols. One of the local shops here in MN said hop-up on an AS pistol was not a big deal and to not worry about getting a pistol with adjustable hop-up. They mentioned that in a pistol the shots are generally closer and its not a factor. Do any of you have any thoughts on the subject? I currently own the Softair Colt M1911 co2 NBB.
  2. ****EDIT**** After sleeping on it....If my request of accuracy and efficiency is compromised by the co2 and NBB requests then I could be swayed towards those features.
  3. I have a Colt M1911 rep made by Softair bought at Gander Outdoors for about 45$ It is a co2 powered non blow back gun and I'm shooting .2 biodegradable 6mm bbs through it. It doesn't seem all that accurate but its ok I guess. I like the non blow back efficiency so far ( very new to this ), and I am only going to use it for targets. Do any AS pistols come with rifled barrels? Any suggestions for my described needs would be appreciated. I am in the Minneapolis MN area. I think I'd like to stay with co2 and non blow back. Thanks in advance!
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