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  1. I bought some from https://killerbeeairsoft.com . free shipping with a small order.
  2. I use the ASG CZ P-09 and love it . The new G & G pistol I heard a lot of good things about , GPM92 I think is the name . I checked it out at a local store, and found it to be very comfortable and nice kick. A good bang for the buck.
  3. I agree that it can add up real fast. A lot of parts from you re-use , you will be searching day and night for a screw , spring, etc. If you had a bone yard , and upgraded that , might be a more practical solution .
  4. Some bbs could use a washing, but when they are bio, its important you plan on using them right away. some off major brand bb's leave a white dust, especially the ones that come in bags. I recently switched this newer brand, called Killer Bee , they seem to very good, they feed well, and shoot pretty accurate for me . I use them in my sniper, pistol , and p* 416 . I shoot a alot and never had one issue.
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