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  1. Hi Everybody, I'm Greg and I have 1 acre that I'm developing as an airsoft training base/campground and 7 other lots on the plains East of Belen, NM, South of Albuquerque. What I'm Doing I'm a retired (on disability) ex-80's era Corpsman and I'm building this project to test out some of my personal theories on how to train people to shoot, move and communicate; not because anyone else is doing it wrong but because I was laid up for 8 years with a spinal injury and I had time to think some stuff through. Camp Loco is a 1 acre airsoft training base with ranges and camping. Camp Loco is a 24/7 free fire zone for members only, where I'm running various training classes, and I specifically want club members to attack the camp at random, literally whenever you feel like it, with any non lethal airsoft type weapon you have that's safe to use. I'm not going into a lot of detail here because that's all in the business plans and I'm nowhere near launching any sort of public program. Who I'm Looking For Right now I'm looking for 5-10 people over 21, preferably vets, who live locally and who take the project seriously. I have a series of modular courses on pistol, carbine, land nav, first aid, etc. that I'm offering for free to the first group of Trainers, to work the bugs out of my own parts of the system. Then I'm going to open the training courses up to prospective club members, who have to complete the courses and pass with a certain grade to join the club. It's not hard to get into, but you can't play at it either. The Trainers from the first group can either assist the training classes, or serve as Opfor under their own direction. Once we get a reasonable sized cadre of members and Trainers my intention is to open the training courses up to the public and offer weekend, immersive, scenario-based basic training courses where the newbies learn the basics while under random attack by people with more training and better tools and gear. If you live within easy driving distance of Belen and this sounds fun then PM me, camping is available. If the pilot program works then all the club members will be able to get paid for the public training events, even if it's just with gear. PM me if that sounds fun. G:)
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