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  1. Hi all, Looking for advice on on a starter AEG rifle so that I don't buy a lemon or get my pants pulled down. BUDGET: $200 - $250 I think this is reasonable for a rifle but feel free to suggest an increase if there are some suggested "essential" items that I am not aware of. I already have a mask from paintball. Is there anything else that I should I buy before playing so I don't hate my life? I'm talking about quality of life accessories that are worth it. MODEL PREFERENCE: The only model preference I have is I want practicality over form. I rather have something that looks like a brick that I can handle well and is effective and sturdy. Looking for top value AKA bang for buck. Where I play: More often outdoor fields than indoor ones. I live in South Florida so it is hot as balls and humid. All the time. ROLE: I am 6' with long limbs, 180 pounds. I'm in decent shape, but I'm no point man. Figure midfield and I can probably be comfortable with a heavier, larger frame. Thanks for all help and advice in advance!
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